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Monday, November 22, 2010

November 1, 2010-“How my brain pictures?”

Daniel's MRI went well. We tell Daniel he is going in to take pictures of his brain. He seems to understand. The first thing he says as he is drowsily waking up is, “How my brain pictures?”

We went to the oncologist and the neurosurgeon last week as well. The tumor is the same size. We will go through another MRI at then end of April. The doctor said he would try to get the MRI scheduled for early on a Friday morning so we could see the oncologist and the neurosurgeon on that same day so I wouldn’t be making three trips to Texas Children’s in a week. It took up a whole lot of my week to drive down there three times plus the time waiting for the doctors and the MRI. I’m glad it is over and we are good for another six months.

We went to trunk or treat for Halloween and John and Daniel raked in the candy. John has broken out in a rash though. Nurse Bell, thought, by my description that it might be fifth’s disease but it seems more like an allergy reaction to me. The problem is, if it is allergy, he ate so many different kinds of candy and I was trying some gluten free caisin free foods, that we have no idea what it could be. So, the rash is narrowed down to fifth’s disease, some kind of candy or something in the gluten free flours or breads. We’ll just have to wait and see. He went to school today and he hasn’t been sent home so I guess he is doing okay.

The gluten free caisin free (AKA gfcf diet) is suppose to help a lot of kids with autism get a little better. I guess I won’t be doing it long enough to find out. I’ll try again in a few months and see what happens. The recipes I was trying have been pretty good so far. They taste a lot better then the last time I tried them. I guess the manufacturers have been getting better at it since it has been around for several years now.

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