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Monday, November 22, 2010

October 11, 2010-John and Daniel had their baptism

Wednesday night John and Daniel had their baptism interviews. The bishop left the door open so I could kind of hear, but there were some other people in the hall asking questions about the baptism. One of them had been a supervisor over baptisms in the temple. He said that a lot of special needs people and people who were terrified of the water came to do baptisms for the dead. He told me a couple of stories, so I started feeling pretty good about Saturday’s baptism, but I continued praying for John to be brave.

Daniel had his interview first, so he came out and the bishop prompted him to tell me what he had said. Daniel beamed at me and said, “I passed!” and high fived me. Then John had his turn and came out and said the same thing but added, “I know a lot about Jesus!”

Everything was coming together pretty well until Thursday night. I got up to get a drink at about 3 am and found Daniel wide awake watching TV. I asked him what was wrong and he pointed to his throat. He was running a mild fever as well so I gave him some Tylenol. By morning I was pretty sure he had strep so I made an appointment, and sure enough it was strep. The day before his baptism! I was hoping and praying the antibiotics would kick in by baptism time. It did. Phew!

The amazing thing is…the baptism went really well. Cade's (a friend who was born on the same day as Daniel) grandparents gave the talks and witnessed for us. They did a great job including John and Daniel.  We avoided participating much just in case someone decided to throw a fit.

John and Daniel’s first grade teacher came to the baptism as well so we had a great missionary opportunity!

Cade was baptized, and then it was John’s turn. We actually thought Daniel would go first, but John wanted to go so we let him. John stepped into the water and then stepped out proclaiming the water was too hot! John and Daniel are like Mark with water temperature. They think the water is hot if it warmer then air temperature. It took a moment, but we talked John into stepping in again, and then he went in and everything went beautifully. He didn’t fight. He didn’t scream. He stood there and then let his dad dunk him. Then it was Daniel’s turn and he stepped in the water and said, “Too Hot!” Once again we talked him into it and then everything went smoothly.

As for the confirmations…John was blessed with better understanding of how life works…kinda sorta…It is hard to explain. Daniel was complimented on how much he loves people and to be able to communicate that love to others. I don’t remember too much of course, it is a blessing and not a recording.

Other stuff to talk about…John and Daniel’s rockets were launched at ShacJam along with about 3000 other rockets. They were going for a world record. Jacob (a scout from our troop) won the lottery and got to push the button to launch them.

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