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Monday, November 22, 2010

October 18, 2010-“My heart, my lung pri-y tired”

John is doing really well with school now that Ms. Suzette and Audrey visited the school and they changed everything up. He is getting the support and incentives he needs to be successful. Primary didn’t go very well this week though. They are practicing for the Primary Program so things aren’t normal. He ended up with me in Sunday school and Relief Society. He did really well with me.

Daniel is as sweet as ever. I just got back from visiting teaching. The sister I visit teach is in Primary. She said when Daniel got up to do his part; he had a huge smile and was just beaming. Daniel does beam. Another cute thing he said. When he is doing physical therapy with Ms. Jana, he often says, “I pri-y tired.” With a sigh. (Meaning, I’m pretty tired.) Well…lately they have been study body systems at school. This last week instead of “I pri-y tired” he said, “My heart, my lung pri-y tired.” Lol

I took Daniel with me to the Autism Walk on Saturday. I was worried he wouldn’t make it. He did great! He did mention he was tired a few times, but when we finished, he still wanted to go in the bouncy dragon place. He played a few other games as well. He was not as tired as last year. But then again, it was not nearly as hot either. We had a great time.

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