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Monday, November 29, 2010

We tried testing for sugars in food

John is struggling as always. He and Rob are butting heads and driving each other (and the rest of us) crazy. John had a hard time at church, yesterday.  He ended up falling asleep during sharing time. He kept saying he was tired, which isn’t hard to believe since he has been staying up till midnight all week. I did a chemistry test with him yesterday, but he wasn’t all that interested. We tried testing for sugars in food. The experiment is from Janice VanCleave's A+ Projects in Chemistry.  It was pretty fun for me although John was just annoyed. Problem was the sugar came up as having zero sugar content. Something went wrong, or the sugar in our container is splenda. I’m not sure which. I thought we were keeping them separate. The root beer didn’t work out to well either. It was too dark to tell any color change. John’s teacher didn’t approve it for his science project so it doesn’t matter much anyway. I just wanted to see if I could talk John into doing it. It took too long for him to stay interested.

Daniel has spent the days off school watching QUBO and PBS kids. Try as I might I couldn’t get him away from TV. He and I did the YMCA Turkey dash on Thursday. It was really busy and humid but we had fun. Daniel seems to like taking “long walks” with me. He says, “I pi-y tired!” But he always makes it. There is no way I could possibly carry him if he didn’t so I’m glad he did. Next year maybe I will do the 5K. We’ll see though. I’ve been having a hard time over the last couple of weeks. I gotta get myself back to exercising.

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