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Monday, December 13, 2010

Daniel wrote a letter to Santa

I wish John's school wouldn’t send home quite so much homework for him. We struggle with that every night. I am praying to figure out a way to get him to do the work without the big fight. There has to be a better way then yelling at him. Bribing him into doing spelling just doesn’t work. I am not willing to buy a new video game every night and I think that is about the only thing big enough to get over his dislike of writing. He has a book report due tomorrow. I am dreading homework tonight. Editing spelling (his worst nightmare), writing a book report, reading, and vocabulary and it is his turn for Family Home Evening lesson. We’ll probably put off Family Home Evening till Tuesday this week. Maybe, we’ll see.

Daniel is doing great other then we got a rash from a cookie that had some sort of Hazelnut stuff in it and he now has fifth’s disease, yet another rash, and he did something to his toe yesterday so he is limping. He said about his toe, “Outside, Sunday, toe hurt”. It wasn’t even in that order. I asked him if he stubbed it but he didn’t respond. I think he did something on the concrete. I didn’t even know he was outside yesterday. He wasn’t supposed to be.

Daniel wrote a letter to Santa. Actually, he drew a picture of himself and John (as stick figures) and insisted we send it to Santa. I have always been able to intercept the Santa letters and not actually mail them. Daniel wouldn’t forget. The pictures had to be sent, so Rob helped him write what he wanted for Christmas, not an easy task since he kept saying a space station (that is what Callou wants on the Christmas video), and then sent the letter to Santa. I think they decided on an airplane but now when I ask Daniel what he wants, he says a frame. I think that means a picture of the family in a frame but I am not sure.

That reminds me, yesterday at church; John drew a picture of a snowman. He is going to give it to Daniel for Christmas. (Once again, Callou). Crazy kids. He took his calculator with him to church as well and Eric taught him how to do hi and hello on it. Noah (a child John's age) told me after church that he was feeling pretty down during church until John showed him Hello on the calculator. He thought that was really cool. So John cheered someone up. It is funny how most of the kids in primary don’t know what to do with John, but he and Noah get along fine. Maybe it is because Noah spent a couple of years in preschool with him and saw him in all his moods.  Noah saw John when he had selective mutism and saw him get over it. He just likes John.  I am glad John has at least one kid his age who accepts him just the way he is.

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