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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

April 4, 2011 Daniel was totally oblivious

Rob and Daniel have both been pretty sick.  Rob had bronchitis and Daniel had ear infections (of course).  They are both still very stuffed up but are ever so slowly getting better.  Poor Daniel had night where his ear was hurting really bad.  He had already had antibiotics for 5 days so it should have been better but I think the ear problems come with whatever is making him sick so the antibiotics aren’t working very well.  I had also given him his prescription decongestant and ibuprofin but he still hurt.  The only thing I had left to do was cuddle with him on the couch.  He fell asleep after about an hour and then I went back to bed.  It was kind of a long night.

Eric had the State DI tournament.  When he got home, Mark said, “Hi Paul.”  We were all looking at him like, “What?”  We had mentioned a Paul a little so I guess that is why.  John and Daniel totally missed Eric and kept asking all weekend long where Eric was.  A week ago Friday or Saturday, Eric was out with friends kind of late.  I was trying to get Daniel to go to bed but he said, “I can’t sleep without Eric.”  I don’t know why.  Eric isn’t even in his room.  John wouldn’t go to bed until Eric got home.  He did sleep over this last weekend though.  I should have put on John and Daniel’s calendar, Eric leave, and Eric return.  They might not have bugged us so much about when Eric was getting home.

John is doing well in the YCAP program. He is still throwing fits at school, but they are handling it a lot better than his former teachers. He wants an allowance and a new video game so we put up a chore chart for him. It has 6 things for him to do. There’s nothing terribly hard, just things like, use the toilet, straighten the rug upstairs, and brush your teeth. It has been up for 3 or 4 days and he won’t do it. He’ll get there though. Now for a story. John came into my room the other day while I was watching TV and said, “I saw Daniel in the hospital.” I asked if he was looking at the pictures we put up of Daniel on the wall. It was what he wanted for Christmas. “Yes,” he says. “Is he dead?” John looked kind of worried. “No,” I said, “He’s upstairs. Dead people don’t come back to life like they do on video games.” Now I’m wondering how to explain the resurrection and coming back but not soon. So I tried but I don’t think I did very well. Then he asks me, “What happened to him?” The picture has Daniel’s head all wrapped up. Then I helped to remember last year’s operation and about cells in Daniel’s brain that aren’t growing right. I don’t think he understands very well. But somehow I calmed his fears and he was happy when we were done. It actually was a pretty good conversation for John.

I don’t think I have any more to say about Daniel. I kind of wrote the stories earlier in this letter. FYI his next MRI is at the end of April. I probably won’t know anything until early May. Oh, that reminds me of a funny Daniel story that happened a few weeks ago. I was sitting on the couch and Daniel comes and flops down beside me. “My head hurt,” he says holding on to his head. My heart skips a beat. “Your head hurts?” I always have to check to make sure I got it right. You know how hard he can be to understand. I’m holding my breath. “Yes.” My heart is beginning to race. “Did you hit it or hurt it?” I ask. “No, spin around,” he answers. “Ohh, you were spinning and you are dizzy?” My heart slows down and I can breathe again. “Yes,” he answers. My reaction was phew. Mark was in the room with us. Later I asked him he understood why I was panicking. I’m sure he noticed. He did notice and understood. Daniel was totally oblivious of course.

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