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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

January 3, 2011 Everyone is enjoying their new games except John

Everyone is enjoying their new games except John. We got Wii points and he has been begging for some Wario thing ever since Christmas. He is driving everyone crazy. I’m thinking maybe for his birthday so he’ll stop bugging us. That is if we can stand it that long.

Daniel is really beginning to hold conversations, sort of. We got a new bed, (I think you may know that) but it will take about six months to really break it in. Once Paul left, your dad brought down the pillow top mattress and put it on our bed. It added three more inches on top of an already too high bed. Daniel said, “That bed is so-o-o big! It is too high!” He carried on a conversation for a while with your dad about his vegie tales game, which he loves and has been playing almost non-stop for a couple of days now.

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