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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

February 8, 2011 Daniel has his own mind

John is doing all right. I got a message from the school nurse yesterday saying John had a bad morning. It was a Monday after an unexpected snow day so of course he was having a hard time. She said he finally plopped on the floor crying and saying his leg was broken. She said she looked at it and it was fine but for me to keep an eye on it. When he got off the bus I asked him about it. He said, “Its okay. It healed.” Lol

Daniel is really excited about his performance tonight. It is called ARF. I have no idea what that means. He brought home the shirt we had to order. He was totally pumped up about his new shirt. He has been break dancing (sort of) and doing the John Travolta move (point at the ceiling). He is too cute. Daniel has a huge red mustache and beard at the moment. He must be concentrating really hard on school and video games. He looks like a clown. It is that bad. Silly kid. He just thinks it’s funny.

The nurse called me about Daniel yesterday as well. She said he had been pulling at his ear and to use some ear wax drops to clear it out. When Daniel got home he went to get the drops and wanted me to do it but I told him to have Dad do it. So, when your dad got home, Daniel told him something like, ear…in…. Somehow your dad figured out he wanted eardrops. He is getting better at communicating with words. He is starting to use “a” and “the” a lot more and he comments on stuff like, that was cool, or it is high or something along those lines. He and John talk a lot. They get each other in a way we don’t get them. John is still trying to control Daniel though and of course Daniel has his own mind a lot of the time.

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