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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

January 10, 2011 A weird thing just happened

John saw the picture of Chris sitting in a restaurant or something and said, “Who is that?” I enlarged the picture so he could see it better. He said, “Oh, that’s my brother Chris. Where is he now?” I said, “In Santa Marta, Colombia on his mission.” John said, “I miss him really much.” So, I told him I would tell Chris when I wrote him today what he said. He smiled. He is really excited about his birthday today. He has been asking for Warioware (mumble mumble) and DDR. I asked him this morning which one he wants today. Warioware something, something, something. Mark and Eric are going to give him the Wii points they got for Christmas so he can have it. I have DDR extreme 2 for him as well so he will have a great birthday. He has a science project thing due tomorrow. I have no idea how I am going to get him to do the tri-fold board on his birthday but the Science fair is tomorrow night so it has to be done. I think I will skip spelling.

Daniel has his bright red mustache, again, and now his hands are getting red as well. I have no idea what to do with him and the licking. Winter is really bad for dry skin as well and he sounds pretty stuffed up. I don’t actually know if it is a cold and/or allergies. He is just having a hard time with the nose thing. Other than that, he is great. The exercise trampoline we got him for Christmas has been great. He and John jump on it all the time. It is good for them.

A weird thing just happened.  John decided he didn’t want to take his medicine.  I explained what his medicine was for and he said, “I won’t be afraid of water.  I promise.”  I tried to explain that that was the most obvious but that a lot of things make him nervous and that he gets it from my dad and me.  I don’t think he understood.  I ended up just shoving it in his mouth.  I think he doesn’t want to drink the chocolate milk I make to get rid of the bad taste.  I guess I will have to switch to juice or something healthy.  He sort of gets the nutrition thing, but not quite.  He is so funny.

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