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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

January 17, 2011 John is being a missionary

Rob and Daniel are busy in the garage making a pinewood derby car.  Daniel is totally excited about his car!
While your dad and Eric cleaned out part of the garage, Daniel was outside with them, but they weren’t keeping a good eye on him. I decided it was a good day to try and teach him how to ride a bike. I found a three step process on the internet and thought I might try it. Anyway, when I got outside, Daniel was nowhere in sight. We started searching and yelling and worrying of course. John’s kindergarten teacher, Ms. Swick (who lives nearby) was out walking a neighbor’s dog and she was like…”I just saw him in the drive way a second ago,” and I was like…”Yeah, me too…” (I’d seen him out the kitchen window). So we all kept searching when Daniel comes around that corner on our street. He was just taking a walk. I take him on long walks from time to time and I guess we hadn’t made it clear that he needed to be with someone. He couldn’t explain where he had been but at least he was all right. The most amazing was afterwards I was talking with Ms. Swick about how far John had come and how he always says hi and gives her a hug. Then she said, “He said to me the other day…what was it…oh, yeah, did you know that God is our Heavenly Father?” She said she answered yes. So, the moral of the story is, even John is being a missionary. Cool, huh.

Daniel has been really cute today. He put on your dad’s wide brim hat and the hiking boots Mark and Eric have out for Robotics and told me, “I am a cowboy!” He is so cute! He was pretending! Something to rejoice at with kids with autism.

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