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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

March 21, 2011 Sea World Stories

John and Daniel have been as cute and annoying as ever. John is very volatile and is screaming or laughing all the time. I’ve got a couple of John and Daniel stories.

1st-I’ve had a headache for days, One time I went into my room and lay down and put my earplugs in to get away from the noise. John followed me in and climbed in bed with me bringing the SP. I sighed and told him I wasn’t feeling very well and that I needed quiet and dark. I use your dad’s pillow over my face for dark. He smiled and said, “I have it on mute” he said and put the pillow over my head. “I can use my own pillow.” He ran upstairs and got his pillow pet. Then he was totally quiet and didn’t bounce around in the bed for an hour and a half while we waited for the exedrin to kick in. He said, “Are you feeling better?” I did, a lot better. He was very sweet.

2nd-We went to SeaWorld for spring break. We stayed overnight in a hotel and believe it or not, John and Daniel did great! We had a good time at SeaWorld, John and Daniel both loved the shows we went to see and the kiddie rides we allowed them to go on, but they both wanted to go on a really big rollercoaster so I told them we would try the log thing to see how they liked it, assuming it was a little tamer then the other rollercoasters. When we finally got there, a friend who recognized us from our stake (go figure) told us it had been a two hour wait but John insisted so I got in line with John and Daniel. Mark, your dad, and Eric all chose to not wait. That was a recipe for disaster. After about a half hour of waiting John changed his mind and immediately freaked out. I grabbed the radio and tried to call your dad while hanging on to screaming John. Daniel wanted to stay. John hit and kicked Daniel so I finally gave up and took them out. By now John was totally out of control and trying to run away. It was a good thing we all had on our Autism shirts (the one with Frame Fighters knock out autism) on it. People were kind of staring at us and shaking their heads or looking sympathetic. After a long battle, we made it out of the park.

#3-On the way home from SeaWorld we were starting to get a little hungry even though we packed a ton of food so Rob and I were watching the food signs looking for somewhere to stop and take a rest and eat. After seeing and passing up, Robert’s Steakhouse and Frank’s Steakhouse, we stopped at Nancy’s Steakhouse. We were glad to pile out of the car and stretch their cramped legs. We ordered and I think your dad told the waiter to bring John and Daniel’s food as soon as it was ready so they wouldn’t freak. He brought John’s Mac n Cheese and John said, “Thank you, I owe you one”, giving the waiter a thumbs up. We all giggled a little, including the couple sitting in a booth behind us. Daniel’s food was brought with the rest of ours. He said, “Finally” with a big sigh, “What took you so long?!” Once again we all giggled a little. I find it hilarious that our waiter got a thumbs up and a finally. Living with autism (and little kids) gives lots of laughs.

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