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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

May 3, 2011 Daniel is George Washington

Daniel’s MRI came out the same as last time so no growth. Yeah!!!! We go through it again at the end of October. We went to the oncologist yesterday. He invited Daniel to a camp for kids with cancer. It would be an all week overnight camp. The forms were due yesterday also. We decided to wait a while. I don’t think he is really ready to be away from family for a whole week. He doesn’t even get babysitters that aren’t family very often. He is so funny. Whenever we are talking about doing something, he is right in the middle of it asking, “What about me?” Oh, and he is George Washington for the elementary's Living Museum this Friday so we are busy trying to get him to memorize a speech. I had to shorten a bunch of sentences for him. He was struggling with words like, consider, and famous. He can’t remember words he doesn’t know the meaning of.

John is his same old defiant but totally sweet self. He is really hard to explain to people. Yes, he is throwing fits at least 3 times a week (that is a very good week) up to 3 times a day (a very bad week) but that is only an hour or so a day. That is funny to write. Most people would freak at that. Eric really made that easy with his day long temper tantrums. An hour (usually about 20 minutes) is nothing in comparison. Your persistence helped inured me to his constant, I want, I want and Mark’s OCD (you know the just right bowl with the just right spoon or the just right shirt) helps with John’s and Daniel’s need for sameness. God really prepared me for John.

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