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Monday, November 28, 2011

all that worry for nothing

John did really well this last week other than elbowing Daniel during church and stomping out after I moved him away from Daniel.  He came back in though and we enjoyed a nice sacrament meeting on miracles.  The first thing he said when sacrament meeting was over was, “Where is (Michelle’s mom)?” He really likes her.  He sat with her but her husband's partner for teaching didn’t show up so he got her out of Sunday School.  John went with her to class.  It is kind of funny that he would go to that class but not to his own.  Whatever John.

The stuff with John and the school and the investigation doesn’t seem to be affecting much.  I got a call this morning from the investigating officer.  He is coming over to have me sign a paper so he can close out the case.  WooHoo!!! I had all that worry for nothing.

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