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Friday, November 25, 2011

August 2, 2011 He isn’t really trying to hurt anyone

John is out of school again and throwing fits and having “accidents” even though I tell him to use the rest room. Same ol’ same ol’. He is always wanting to take over whatever someone else is doing so he is always frustrated which is annoying to the rest of us because when he is frustrated he screams and yells and of course hits poor Daniel. Then we have a big fight sending him to his room. I look forward to school starting on the 22nd. He is so much nicer when he is in school. Actually, it is just so much nicer not having him yelling and screaming all the time. He is still hitting his teacher almost every day. I told the YCAP leader how frustrating it was for me to see that on his behavior chart every day. She said, “Yeah, but he isn’t putting any power behind it. He isn’t really trying to hurt anyone.” So, I guess I’ll just keep letting them deal with it. I suppose it is “their problem” like they and my therapist says it is.

Daniel is more than ready to be back at school. He is bored out of his mind watching PBS and QUBO all the time and of course being bossed around by John. He is happy and taking it well though.

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