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Friday, November 25, 2011

August 22, 2011 John has conquered yet another lady

It is finally the 22nd and school started today!  Wohoo!!!  It is quiet here.  The TV is off, the video games are off, no screaming John or whistling Daniel or fighting with John and this is the only computer that is on  It is so peaceful and I can actually concentrate on something…anything. Tomorrow is when all the telephone calls begin.  I don’t really understand why everyone calls on Tuesdays but they do.

John did pretty well at church yesterday considering he went to bed way past midnight and got up at about 9. I have been worried about school starting because he has been staying up so late, but that fixed it nicely for today. More and more sisters at church are becoming attached to John. Michelle’s mom took him to primary yesterday. She said she somehow feels this attachment to John. John has conquered yet another lady. I don’t know what it is about him that brings out Mama Bear in ladies. Any lady he spends any amount of time with gets really attached and sometimes even guys like Brother Long. He may have a huge temper but he seems so vulnerable that you just want to protect him. I’ve felt it since he was born so I know how it feels, I just never expected so many other people to feel it to.

Anyway, on to Daniel. He is getting better and better at whistling. He is making different pitches now but hasn’t quite been able to whistle a tune. It will come. We have been working hard with him to finish up his wolf badge. He has been willing to go for it. Unfortunately a lot of it is over his head but your dad is trying really hard. They did the safety check on Saturday while Mark and I were at Eric’s performance. When we got home your dad tried to get him to tell me the things they talked about. Where do we meet if there is a fire? After much prompting, “in the mailbox”. Mark said he might fit in the package part of the mailbox. I told them you couldn’t even fit a baby inside our mailboxes let alone Daniel and the rest of us. Then your dad asked him what we keep away from the stove. Daniel didn’t know what the stove or the burner was. We had to point it out. Then he said, “paper”. As cute as he is, I am worried about school. There will come a time when they will pass him just because he has a language issue, not because he learned anything. He loves going anyway and it is good for his social schools.

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