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Friday, November 25, 2011

August 8, 2011 “That baby understood what I said.”

Daniel isn’t doing much. Still watching a lot of TV and taking 4 hour baths. He sure loves the water. The last few days he has started playing video games upstairs. I’m a bit relieved. I am really tired of the reruns of kid’s shows. Cute language story…Daniel does a lot of echolalia where he repeats a 3 or 4 word phrase over and over. Often I can’t understand what he is saying but every couple of days I will repeat what I am hearing and he will say, “Mom, will you please stop it,” and I usually do. The other day it was so cute I said it a couple of more times. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the phrase but what he said after I repeated it a couple of more times cracked me up. “Mom, will you please stop copying at me.” I couldn’t help repeating that one kind of laughing. Daniel just kind of rolled his eyes. I did try to correct his language as well but he just says the oddest things.

John is well John…being wonderful and horrible at the same time. A few years ago he wouldn’t talk to or have anything to do with anyone outside our immediate family. Now he talks to everybody and anybody. He will go with anyone who has and ipad, ipod, smart phone or e-reader. It’s a little scary actually. He also loves talking to babies. No one in primary sharing time had and Ipad to play with so he came to relief society with me hoping to bug someone in there, but when we walked in they were in a huge circle. Some people moved over so we could have 2 seats together. Of course there was a toddler in there who was totally fascinated with John and vice versa. I didn’t hear much of the lesson. I was too busy watching them. The little boy kept hitting John in the nose. It wasn’t hard and John just kept making funny faces at him. Then another lady came in with a baby in a car seat. This was near the end so while the little boy went back across the room to his mother John went to the baby. She was only a couple of seats away. RS ended and John kept making faces at the baby. It was kind of noisy so I couldn’t hear what he was saying but when he came to me he said, “That baby understood what I said.” I asked what that was and he said he had asked how the baby played with toys. She started hitting the toy hanging on the handle of the car seat. John was totally excited. Did she really understand? Maybe, maybe not. Some children learn language really early on. None of mine, but some.

I know this is long but I need some advice. I’ve talked to several people, including your dad, but…getting advice from people who no John is helpful in making decisions. We have been pondering about what to do with John and church. He won’t go to class and won’t go to sharing time unless someone has an Ipad to play with. He bugs us asking to go sit with people who have ipads during sacrament meeting and Sunday school. Part of me likes that he is socializing sort of but most of me hates that he is bugging people. Everyone in our ward has been totally happy and willing to accommodate him. Even one lady I didn’t know was letting him look at her Ipad. She even acted sad when I made him stop and come with me somewhere else. I don’t remember where I was taking him. So…with my birthday coming up, we are considering getting an ipad, iPhone, smart phone something…I kind of want it for myself for some stuff and would help keep John with us but at the same time I am worried it will be too much of a distraction at church and he will be a nightmare of begging at home. Would it be just like bringing a DS to church? Why spend money when we already have a bunch of DSs. I’ve been praying for a couple of months but I still would like your opinions.

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