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Friday, November 25, 2011

August 9, 2011 Daniel creamed us in Apples to Apples

John is struggling through the last week before school starts. He is grumpy and having “accidents” and just plain causing problems. I let him and Daniel skip church yesterday because it was stake conference and your dad was going to be home because of his foot. He can hardly walk around the house let alone with a bunch of people trying to step on your feet.

Daniel is as cute as ever. He creamed us last night in Apples to Apples. Mark chose that game for FHE. I tried to talk him into using the Jr. Version so Daniel and John could understand it better. He refused so we played the regular game. Normally we just draw a card out of Daniel’s hand but last night we let him pick his own. He shut us out! We play to three wins and he got the first three. I think he understands more than I give him credit for.

John wants to create a game on RPG maker 1 like his mom. I keep trying to explain that he needs a story but I don’t think he understands. He did make himself and Laban and one other monster and got them fighting. He wants to do more but really doesn’t know how.

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