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Friday, November 25, 2011

July 11, 2011 One less thing I have to do for him

Now for the funny Daniel stories…Always good ones

I was playing Zuma on the computer on Saturday. Everyone was kind of keeping an eye on how I was doing when the advertisements came on during cartoons. At one point Daniel was standing behind me watching and he said, “Focus, Mom!” I never expect stuff like that from him. A little bit later Sister McClain called about the symphony. I was ignoring the game and forgot to pause. When I turned around to check with your dad and brothers about going everyone was like, “Pause it! Pause it!” I told them I didn’t care about the game and I really didn’t want to be playing it anyway. I was just wasting and wanted to run out of lives anyway. Yeah, I know, I can turn it off any time I want but I didn’t really have anything else I wanted to do at the time. Anyway, when I lost the life Daniel yells at me, “Mom!” With that up and down tone people do, “You didn’t pause!” He and John a really good at stating the obvious. He was really upset with me. I don’t think he understands that I don’t mind losing video games. I just don’t care that much. Maybe that is why all of you are so much better at it then I am.

I guess this one isn’t funny but I sure am happy about it.  This week Daniel has been spending A LOT of time in my bathroom playing in the sink.  I told him that if he wanted to play in the water to just take a bath.  On Saturday, I came home from shopping; needing to get ready for the Symphony, and found him in my tub half full of water.  As you know, that is a big tub so it was a lot of water.  I asked him who had run the water for him.  He just looked at me puzzled by the questions so I restated it.  “Did your run the water or did Dad?”  He said that he had.  I am thrilled that he can run his own bath.  One less thing I have to do for him.  As I was running out the door, Mark and Eric told me he had taken a bath the night before as well.  Good for him!  Now we just need to teach him a little modesty and it can actually be successful because he can finally wash his own hair and body and even run his own bath.  Go Daniel!  Maybe John will follow suit soon.  He can wash himself but I still have to undress him and drag him to the shower and shove him in to get him going.  The funny thing is…once he is in the shower, he loves it.  I guess years and years of hating the sound of running water and refusing showers and baths and making the whole process miserable for us is a hard habit to break.  Especially at 10 when being clean just isn’t important.

So, we are making progress and growing up and old. 

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