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Saturday, November 26, 2011

October 17, 2011 John and Daniel’s grade are great

I received my Montessori training materials and have been busy reading and answering questions so that eventually, maybe, I will be able to show Daniel some hands on materials so he might retain a little of what is being taught.  He is doing pretty well in school with his modified curriculum though.  We got report cards recently and John and Daniel’s grade are great, of course, (how can they not be when you tailor the curriculum to their level?). 

North American Montessori Training Center

John is still working on his anger issues. Each day I hope for a better daily report from school. More often than not, I am disappointed. I realized last night that his behavior goals in his IEP probably need revamped. The teachers don’t have control over whether John refuses work or throws a fit so goals for John to have “fewer than 3 refusals a week” aren’t going to be achieved unless John buys into it. (Which he won’t.) I think I’ll suggest changing them to things like, we’ll teach John ways of handling anger this often a day or week. Those are reachable. So it is more like the vision is to have John not refuse more than 3 times a week but the goal isn’t dependent on his choices. I suppose this doesn’t make much sense. I’m still working on it in my head.

Daniel is a bit more emotional then he used to be. He gets a lot more upset when he can’t do something, like make a basket or remember how to say a dinner prayers. He told us the other day, “It’s blank!” He was upset about not being able to pray by himself. We are just too impatient to wait for him to come up with the words himself and the more uptight he gets the less his is able to recall and speak words. I’m hoping this is a leap in understanding for him. It is good that he is able to recognize that he is different from others, although it is heart breaking at the same time. We all need to recognize our strengths and weaknesses, but seeing Daniel upset at himself is really hard. He has always been so happy no matter what. He is growing up, I guess. I am excited about his new understanding of the world.

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