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Saturday, November 26, 2011

October 24, 2011 I’ll take a little

John had a fairly good week this last week. He had 2 good days in a row, and the other days didn’t have a ton of bad stuff, just a little. I’ll take a little. Yesterday was the primary program. John started off sitting with his class but then he wanted to sit next to another teacher who he discovered during the practices had and IPad. They wouldn’t let him change seats so he came down to us, which I pretty much expected anyway. He told me he was too crowded. The he said he was hungry and was upset that we hadn’t brought a snack. He stomped out of the chapel in the middle of the sacrament and of course I had to follow. In the foyer I discovered he hadn’t eaten anything except his medicine that morning. I figured I would let him feel the consequences until the primary program was over and then take him home to eat, but he kept bugging me. I finally mentioned that dad might have something in his car so I went in and asked him. Of course, we had the backup sacrament bread. So John had some bread. While he was eating, Daniel did his part, “My favorite scripture story to read with my family is Noah Ark”. I did have the possessive written down but “s” at the end of some words is difficult for him to say. He was very understandable. Everyone was really happy for him.
Back to John, He sat with us through the rest of the meeting playing his DS. I decided if he could sit through the sacrament, I would let him use the DS. He wanted to sit with Michelle’s mom but because he had given me a hard time, I wouldn’t let him. Once Sunday school started we went in search of her. He was pretty upset when we couldn’t find her. He went back to sit with his dad and I went to look for her some more and found her in the primary room. She and John have one of those connections some people make with him. She was happy to have him sit with her through Sunday school once her daughter was done with her prayer or something in primary. Then it was sharing time, and somebody told him they were having cookies in primary. He had planned on coming with me to Relief Society, but when he heard about the cookies, he took off to the primary room and told me to go ahead and go to class that he would be fine. Somehow, everything worked. We had a few minutes of bad behavior (he ran out to the car), but most of the time he was great.

Besides the primary program, Daniel went to the Brazos Bend pack meeting with his dad. He had a great time, but he got eaten alive even though he wore bug spray. Mosquitos love him. He has a bite on his ear, three on his face, three or four on each arm, and one knee that has seven or eight. He had long pants on, but you know how big those mosquitos can be. I asked Daniel if there were crocodiles on the hike. He said yes, but when I asked him how many he saw, he said zero. He was at the back of the pack of boys so they were probably hiding by the time he walked by. I couldn’t go with him because it was senior day for the band. Eric used the arm rests from the van and taped them on either side of a baseball cap. He said it was heavy, but it was a big hit with everyone trying to guess what it was. It was all his idea. I had completely forgotten about silly hat day.

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