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Saturday, November 26, 2011

October 3, 2011 I just remember in my head

I just realized this morning that John is learning a new social skill, joint attention. That is when a toddler points at something, looks at you and says, “wook” (spelling intended). Because John is so much older and speaks better it is coming out differently. He is sitting next to me trying to get my attention to show me the game he is interested in and trying to teach me how to use it. I have been pretty much ignoring him, mostly because of the headaches I often get. I tend to forget that he tries things out with me first and then begins generalizing to the rest of the family and then to everyone else, kind of, sort of. I doubt he has done it much with anyone else. If he does, Eric, Mark and Rob, try to pay attention so that he can learn this important skill. This means he is beginning to understand that other people see things differently than he does. Hopefully, in time, he will begin to wonder about how other people see things which means he will be a little less self-centered. Considering most people learn joint attention as toddlers, and John is learning it at 10, it may take a really long time for him to progress to the next step. The great news is that it is possible and that he is still growing in his social skills.

Daniel Story (yeah)

At school Daniel is learning about map skills. Stuff like what continents and countries are as well as the equator and globe. I got the definitions that would be on the test, two days before the test. ARGH! He needs so much more time to learn the words! At least they only gave him half the words to learn, although I would rather they gave him more time to learn the words and allow him to learn them all. When I saw the study sheet they sent home I was completely frustrated. They did have pictures for everything but I have no idea how they expected him to learn from the paper they sent home, so I made up some 3 part cards for him to match up. He had a lot of trouble the first time, but the next day he did much better. When I asked him to read the words, he didn’t know what they were, so I pronounced them for him and that was pretty much enough. He still pronounced compass phonetically which sounded kind of funny and hemisphere wasn’t even close which was okay because that wasn’t a required word. After the test on Thursday I asked him how he did. He said, “Good,” as he always does. Then I asked him if it was easy or hard. He said easy. Then I asked him why it was easy and he said, “I just remember…I just remember in my head.”

Three Part Cards

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