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Saturday, November 26, 2011

October 31, 2011 “Can we do that again?”

Happy Halloween

Your dad and I switched cars so Mark could drive mine to church and Eric could practice the stick shift. 
Eric did okay with the stick shift yesterday.  He only stalled out twice. It was a little rough taking off but once he got going he did all right.  John and Daniel loved it.  They were laughing at the jerky ride all the way.  Daniel said, “Can we do that again?”  Eric was embarrassed, but the first few times can be hard.  He did much better than I did at first.

John did really well last week at school.  I wonder what changed.  He still had some refusals and a little yelling but had two whole days without those.  That is fabulous for him.  He is giving me a little trouble with bus from time to time so he is late for school regularly, but by the time I take him he is cooperative and I haven’t had to fight him to the car.  Unfortunately, Daniel’s bus arrives somewhere between 8:20 and 8:30.  There is no way I can get John to school on time since it starts at 8:20.  Luckily, John's school isn’t very far away.  An article came out recently that the teachers in the autism program at another school were using aversives like running on the treadmill too fast and too long or vinegar on a cotton ball in the mouth.  I’m glad John isn’t at that school anymore. But, last week another article came out.  A teacher from Daniel's school was arrested for drugs in her car.  I’m glad it wasn’t Daniel’s teacher and feel for the parents of her students.  What a mess for the fifth graders!  I’m pretty sure that Daniel is unaware of that kind of stuff.  How do you teach DARE, when one of the teachers is using?

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