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Saturday, November 26, 2011

September 12, 2011 “Mom, I’m mad all the time.”

I needed get Daniel’s forms for medication to the nurses.  Daniel has an epi pen in case he reacts to tree nuts.  So far we haven’t had any major reactions.  I don’t want to see one though so we try to keep stuff with tree nuts out of the house.  It doesn’t work really well though.  I bought some ranger cookies from the bakery the other day not knowing what ranger cookies were.  They have coconut in them, so I had to warn Daniel not to eat them. He has been really good about not eating stuff that we say will make him sick.  Somehow, he gets that.

Mark and Eric are bright red right now. They didn’t use sunscreen for the one o-clock football game on Saturday. Mark’s nose is a little blistery and they both look ridiculous but they both know better as well. I tried to teach John how he could learn from Mark and Eric’s mistake. We talked about what we could learn from their sunburn. He understood, but if Mark and Eric can’t learn to use sunscreen when they have both been burnt multiple times, I doubt John can learn from them.

John has been up and down. We have been giving him allowance to help him learn the value of money. He wants everything under the sun. It is good to be able to say, “So you want the blanket (that he saw on tv) or do you want the game? Which game do you want? You don’t have enough money for both. No, you don’t have enough money yet, there is shipping and handling. Are you sure you want to spend your money on a ds game that we already have on Wii?” He actually decided he didn’t want to save up for an Ipad because it cost too much. We are happy about that at least. He has quit bugging us about that.

About a week ago, John plopped down on my bed next to me sighed and said, “Mom, I’m mad all the time.” I agreed with him and we talked about being patient and waiting. I’ve been talking to my therapist about how to help him deal with his feelings. It isn’t easy, but I think John will get it eventually. It just takes a lot longer to sink in then it does for most people.

Daniel is doing as well as he can. He is enjoying school, I think. It is hard to know because he doesn’t talk about it. He hates his spelling homework. We didn’t get the spelling counts books this year so he has the same thing to do every week. He has to put them in abc order and on another day write a sentence for each word. Daniel come up with sentence for 15 words, not all of which he understands what are. NOT!  I don’t blame him for not liking spelling. I try to give him several different sentences for each word and let him choose, or I’ll start the sentences and let him finish. It works okay, but not great.

Relief Society is are doing an autism awareness night, that because I am the committee member with autistic kids, is keeping me on my toes. Hopefully next week, things will slow down…no, wait, it’s Eric’s birthday. I have to figure out what to get him. Maybe the week after…

Autism Awareness Activities

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