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Saturday, November 26, 2011

September 26, 2011 He cracks me up sometimes

John is being wonderful and causing trouble all at the same time. He is doing his school work, but he is also hitting teachers and throwing chairs. (I doubt he threw it hard or I would have heard more about it.) It is a good thing he is in YCAP. He told me this morning he didn’t want to go to school. (What else is new?) I asked him what the worst thing about school was. He said the kids make fun of him and call him names. He said they called him an egomaniac. Really? 4th graders came up with the word egomaniac? I talked to his teacher. She said that isn’t happening. I’m wondering if Mark has been calling him that. I am pretty sure the teachers wouldn’t tell me if they were teasing him. They always tell me things are fine until they want to send him to another school. The thing is, where does he go after YCAP?

That is the bad stuff….now for funny church story. Yesterday John's DS ran out of power so I didn’t have a way to bribe him to go to class for even a short time, but he decided to sit with his teachers during sacrament meeting and went to class with them. Unfortunately, there was a table set up in the room. John wanted it to stay up, the teachers didn’t. The teachers got their way of course, and John left to come to us. I met him in the hall as I was taking the scriptures he left behind. I needed a drink so I told him to go sit with his dad until I got back. I did not know that Rob had been grabbed to be set apart for his choir calling. When I got back to the chapel, I couldn’t find either one of them, so I went back in the foyer kind of looking around. A few second later John comes out whining that I didn’t see him. He was a bit upset with me for not noticing him sitting with a friend but I gave him a hug and said I was sorry and we went back to sit with the friend, only she wasn’t there anymore. So we sat down and waited for quite a while as John slowly got more and more uptight. We decided to go for a walk to see if our friend was in the primary room playing the piano. We met her, talking with Michelle’s (a girl in his primary class) mom. John and Michelle's mom have a kind of connection. John says to her, “You’re wearing a brown shirt.” Michelle's mom said, “Yes.” John said, “Do I know you?” She smiles really big and says, “Yes, you have sat with me some times.” (She has and I pad) I tell John it is Michelle’s mom and she tells him that she usually where’s a pink shirt. John says to the ladies, “You should be in the chapel.” They answer with a laugh, “Yes we should.” (Too bad none of us thought to tell John he should be in his class) John tells our friend, “(your husband) is waiting for you.” our friend says, “Oh, I can talk to him any time, I only see (Michelle's mom) occasionally.” Then John puts out his hand. Our friend gave him 5 then Michelle's mom tries to give him 5 but he takes her hand and starts pulling (not hard she went easily) into the chapel. So, what I find funny is, John wouldn’t go to his class but he made these two go to their class. He cracks me up sometimes.

Daniel is his happy self. He seems to have his bounce back. It is good to see. He earned some skittles at school and brought them home. I asked him where they came from. He said, “Desks”. I couldn’t really get any more out of him. Later I found a note in his backpack from the Desk Fairy. He had a neat desk so he got some skittles. Go Daniel.

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