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Thursday, January 19, 2012

FHE Book of Mormon Stories Verse Two-Columbus

Family Home Evening
Book of Mormon Stories Verse Two

Review the story of Columbus (this verse works well with the story of the pilgrims as well)
Picture of Columbus (if available)
Flat map and globe if you can.
Laundry basket or large box
Paper towel or toilet paper tube

Sing the second verse of Book of Mormon Stories

Book of Mormon Stories Verse 2
Music to Book of Mormon Stories

I always think of this as Christopher Columbus coming to visit so we pretty much do the same thing as the 1st verse.

Tell how Columbus petitioned the many Kings and   Queens (could have crowns to act out this) for money to sail around the world.   The people of that time thought the world was flat (show flat map) but Columbus thought it was round (show globe).   No one wanted to give him the money he needed until he talked to the Queen of Spain.   She gave him the money he needed to by a ship and pay sailors.

Columbus and his crew sailed for many days (put the children in the box or laundry basket and scoot across the floor).   The crew was afraid they would sail off the edge of the earth.   Everyone was tired and worried.   Then they spotted land.   (use the paper towel tube or toilet paper tube for a telescope).   "Land Ho!"   

(have the children get out of the basket and greet mom, dad or older sibling pretending to be a Native American).   

When I did this we skipped the beginning and started with the sailing part.   My children weren't ready for a large story. 

Repeat song, and close the lesson

The pilgrims or Conquistedors could be used instead of Christopher Columbus.

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