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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

FHE Book of Mormon Stories Verse 1-Nephi

Preparation-review 1st Nephi
Bring a Book of Mormon, a world map or globe (if you want and the children are old enough) and a Laundry Basket or Large box
Sing the first verse of Book of Mormon Stories

Book of Mormon Stories Music

Show a Book of Mormon and say that it tells about the Lamanites.   Lamanites are American Indians or Native Americans.

On the map show Israel and the New World.   Tell how the family of Lehi crossed the ocean to get to the New World.

Place children in the box or basket and and scoot them across the room.   As you scoot, tell the story of the storm at sea.   When you reach the other side of the room, have the children get out and pretend to give thanks for a safe journey.

Repeat the Song and close the lesson.

Crossing the Sea Video Version
Crossing the Sea PDF Version

Sing the 1st verse again.

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