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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FHE Book of Mormon Stories Verse Four-Abinidi

Family Home Evening
Book of Mormon Stories Verse Three

Preparation-Make a paper chain or use a bike chain or something like that to wrap around Abinadi. Also, make a simple paper crown and a thrown for King Noah. The thrown can be as simple as a chair, or you could decorate it. You could even decorate the crown and the thrown as part of FHE if your kids like that. Burger King often has crowns in stock that you could use as well. You could add a cape and a scepter (stick or paper towel tube) if you have one.

Sing the fourth verse of Book of Mormon Stories

Book of Mormon Stories Text

Book of Mormon Stories Music

Abinadi and King Noah Scripture Reader Video

Abinadi and King Noah PDF

Abinidi and King Noah Color Flannel Board Stories

(Assign an older person to be King Noah.   I don't like the idea of my young children pretending to be wicked.   Be careful in your choice.   Some children may enjoy it to much.   We had Dad be the King.)
King Noah was a wicked king.   He and his helpers hurt the people and made them work hard to take care of him while he didn't work.   

Abinadi was a righteous man.   King Noah did not like him and tied him up in chains.   (wrap a child in chains).   God told Abinadi to teach King Noah and his men about the gospel.   Abinadi tried to tell them but King Noah and his men got angry.   They tried to kill him but Abinadi said "touch me not or you will die" (this is not an exact quote).   (Have King Noah cower in fear) God protected Abinadi until he finished what God wanted.   King Noah was afraid and wanted to let Abinadi go but his men were angry.   King Noah and his men killed Abinadi.   (You can act out the burning if you want.   It depends on your children.   Either way have Abinadi fall down.)   There was one of King Noah's men named Alma.   He listened to Abinadi and repented and became a great leader and prophet.   Abinadi's testimony helped many people.
Sing the verse again and review the other 3 verses.

Family Home Evening rules #2 have a treat. It is okay to buy it. Always having treat brings everyone to the meeting, even teenagers. My teenagers have never complained about FHE. They always come and always participate.

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