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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

FHE Book of Mormon Stories Verse Three-Alma the Younger

Family Home Evening
Book of Mormon Stories Verse Three

Preparation:   Read Mosiah 27
Large white shirt or angel costume

Sing the third verse of Book of Mormon Stories

Words to verse 3

Music to Book of Mormon Stories

Scripture Reader Text-Alma the Younger Repents

Video-Alma the Younger Repents

We had a lot of fun with this one. I happened to have a white angel costume to dress my young son up as an angel but a very large white t-shirt of church shirt on a young child would work. Dad pretended to be Alma being mean and making faces. Our son stood on the fireplace hearth but a stool, the couch, a chair would all work. We had our child point at Dad and say, “Be righteous!” and dad fell to the floor. At the time we had 2 small children so that was all that could say. If your child can speak and understand more you could expand the story. We did this several times with both of our children.

If you have older children have them be the sons of Mosiah. They will love falling to the floor several times and making their younger siblings laugh. When we repeated this as more children were born, the older ones had a blast.

Sing the verse again and review the other 2 verses.

Family Home Evening rules #1, especially with young children, have fun! Lessons don’t have to be long and involved, even for teenagers. We all love the short easy lessons on our homework intensive Monday nights.

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