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Friday, January 6, 2012

John had a mishap at school

John had a mishap at school. His teacher was taking him outside, which John doesn't like, and once John realized where he was, he tried to go back into the building. In the process of turning to get out of the teacher’s arm and head for the building, which he knows is locked, the teacher's finger got in his eye.

She took him to the nurse who cleared him for staying and since John was acting pretty good, they didn't call. By the time he got home from school he was pretty upset. I took him to the ophthalmologist because I know what a scratched eye is like. Sure enough, he has a long shallow scratch on his eye. The doctors and nurses there were saying it was pretty easy to see, so I kind of wonder how the nurse missed it.

John was not about to get the numbing drops or open his eye, but the nurse at the doctor’s office and I were finally able to talk him into it. I think my experience with corneal erosion and being able to explain numb because he had just had a cavity filled on Tuesday helped a lot to convince him. It was an ordeal, but we managed to get through it and like me he loved the drops that numbed the eye. I wished more than once they would give it to me for the three days of pain my stuff caused. They put drops in his eye to help with the pain and to keep it dilated so it wouldn't spasm and sent me home with some ointment to use and told me to give him Motrin or Advil. I asked if Advil pm would be okay. They said sure, so I gave it to him, he went to bed and slept pretty much all night. I gave it again this morning and he is now asleep again.

He kept saying he was blind, which he kind of was. He said on Friday morning, "I only have four senses, touch, hearing, taste and smell." He can say the cutest things, even when he is whining about it.

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