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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

FHE Book of Mormon Stories Verse Six-Stripling Warriors

Family Home Evening

Book of Mormon Stories Verse Six

Materials: Flannel Board story pictures of Stripling Warriors-You can make them as colorful and fun as you want adding flannel on the back or you can just print, cut out, and use tape on the back or just have family members hold the pictures.

You could also print out the PDF file and cut the pictures apart and use those for your story.

Book of Mormon Stories Text

Book of Mormon Stories Music

Book of Mormon Scripture Reader Chapter 34

Book of Mormon Scripture Stories Chapter 34 PDF

Stripling Wariors Flannel Board Pictures

Stripling Warriors Color Flannel Board Pictures


Sing and teach 6th verse of Book of Mormon Stories

Read the story from the Book of Mormon Scripture Reader, watch the video, or read Alma 53:10-21; 56:47-49.

You could act out the chase scenes such as, build a town with building blocks. Have Heleman lead the child(ren) past the building, chase them for a bit, have another person chase the chaser. Chaser turns to face the 3rd person(s). Heleman asks the children what to do. Have children say, “fight”. Helelman could say, “but you might be killed”. Have children say, “our moms (mommies) say God will keep us safe.” Surround the chaser with the 3rd person(s). “We win!” 3rd person is dead. Heleman says, “Wow, not one of my soldiers died! What a miracle!”

I found this game on the LDS Website Stripling Warriors Game

Another idea
Get something to represent to opposing forces. (Nephites and Lamanintes.   You could have a third something for Heleman's army or you could just devide one of the other forces.   I don't know if I would devide the Nephites (because they were on the side of the Nephites, or the Lamanites (because they were the people of Ammon decended form Laman.)   Some ideas would be:   the plastic cowboys and indians, the little plastic soldiers, we   had football teams of the same thing once, lego/duplo blocks or people (we have a ton of these), coins, pieces of paper cut in differrent shapes, paper dolls, checkers and or chess pieces, different kinds of grass it really doesn't matter, what ever you have.

The short idea-
Have the "armies" fight and the Nephites/Sons win.   Explain that all of the Sons of Heleman were wounded but none of the died even though lots and lots of the other Nephites died.

The long form-
Build a city (out of blocks, cups, playdough, whatever)

The Lamanites say, "We have the City!"
The Nephites say, "We want the City!"
Have a Nephite say, "I have an idea! Heleman take your sons and march in front of the city.   (March the sons in front of the city.)
Lamanites say, "Ooh, our enemy!   They are small!   Lets go get them!"
(Lamanites chase Sons.)
(Nephites take city.) Nephite say, "We have the City! but what about the sons."
(Leave some Nephites with the city and the others chase the Lamanites.)
Now you have Sons running from Lamanites being chased by Nephites.   
Nephites catch up with Lamanites and start fighting.   Lamanites quit chasing sons.
Sons say, "What happened?   Did the Nephites catch the army or is it a trap?"
Heleman says, "What do you think?"
Sons say, "Our mom's told us we would be okay if we trust God.   We will fight."
Sons and Nephites surround Lamanites and say "We won."
Nephites say, "Wow, look at how many of us are dead.   How many sons are dead?"
Sons say, "None.   God protected us just like our mom's said he would."

You could shorten this or lengthen it anyway you want.   Have fun with your children and let them participate.   You are going to need their hands to move people.

FHE Rule #4 – Play a game. Any game will do.

John Explodes Again

John has been doing really well. He had a blowout at school on Thursday because another student was screaming. We discussed how his screaming didn’t help the situation so hopefully next time he’ll be able to deal with it better. He didn’t hit anyone though, so good for him. Unfortunately, he had another melt down on Sunday morning. He ended up chasing Daniel down and they got into a slap fight. Mark and I pulled them apart. John calmed down after that. It is too bad he had to hit someone to calm down. I wonder how to help him calm down when he is exploding. He just goes and goes until he gets hurt or he hurts someone else.

Daniel was very unhappy about being hit, especially when he hadn’t done anything. John was just looking for someone smaller than him to hit and Daniel is the only one to fit the bill. He put up a good fight back. One of these days he is going to knock John out and John will learn not to hit Daniel.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

FHE Book of Mormon Stories Verse Five-Ammon

Family Home Evening

Book of Mormon Stories Verse Five


fake sword (a poster board sword is fine, if you could cover the blade with aluminum foil), fake sling (I had some fake leather but any cloth is okay, cut an ellipse, punch a hole at the ends of ellipse, thread a piece of yarn through each hole and tie), some paper or sock wads (depending on size of sling, socks are less likely to hurt someone), some stuffed animals (I happened to have several sheep at the time but any will do or use pillows for the sheep)

You don’t need any of it, you can just pretend as well but props are kind of fun. We had blue carpet at the time for the lake but a cut out of blue construction paper would work if you want to go to the trouble.


Sing and teach 5th verse of Book of Mormon Stories

Book of Mormon Stories Text

Book of Mormon Stories Music

Ammon was a Great Servant Video

Ammon was a Great Servant PDF

Ammon was and Example Flannel Board Story

Act out the story of Ammon. Ammon is captured and becomes a servant. He tends the sheep, if you have another member of the family be other servants. Robbers (another member of the family) scatter sheep (through pillows around). The other servants cry, “Oh, no, the king will kill us! Boohoo!” Ammon says, “Don’t worry, get the sheep.” Robbers come again, have Ammon throw socks at them and then pretend cut off arms. (If you have a bunch of dolls that have removable arms, use those as the cut off arms. When my oldest son gave this lesson (he was about 10 at the time, he’s a great teacher) he drew paper arms. Ammon goes to another area (to tend the horses) and the servant takes the arms to the king. King calls for Ammon. Sit and stare for a couple of minutes, shifting in seat and occasionally open mouth to say something but the shake head. Explain an hour has gone by, but we aren’t going to wait that long (point it out on the clock of your child needs it). Ammon says, “Did you need me?” King says, “Are you a God?” Ammon shakes head and says, “I am a man.” Explain that after that Ammon taught the king the gospel. If your children are old enough have them act out a little more like Ammon trying to leave and the servants stopping them and/or the King offering his daughter to wed and/or some of the gospel that Ammon taught about God and the Great Spirit being the same.

This is what we did.

For some reason we had 3 or 4 stuffed sheep around our house.   We gathered them up and made a "flock".   You could make paper sheep or use cotten balls and make sheep or even just pretend a bunch of pillows are sheep.   If you want you could use something blue for the water like a tarp or blanket.   It isn't really neccessary, just designate an area as the water.

Dad was the robbers and the boys took turn being Ammon and the rest were the servants of King Lamoni.   Dad also doubled as King Lamoni.   I told the story and helped everyone act it out.   
I can just see Dad throwing pillows all over the place while he scatters the "sheep". Then Ammon and the servants gather up the "sheep" and bring them back to the water.   The robber attacks again and Ammon pretends to use a sling and then use a sword. 

I reccomend you don't use a toy sword or sling.   You could throw paper wads if you want.   Toys can hurt.   Just fake it and have fun.   The robber can collapse on the ground. 

You can pretend to gather up arms if you want.   Take into account the age and sensitivity of your children.

FHE Rule #3 – Close the curtains and do whatever your family likes to do. Lessons are not always necessary. Play games, have a talent show, have a movie and popcorn night, make your own movie. Just do it as a family, no one else allowed. If you want to share Family Home Evening, do it on another night or once in a while. Family Home Evening is just that, time for the Family to be Home and spend the Evening together.

Daniel’s confidence has blossomed

John surprised me by wanting to go to boy scouts last week. So I took him although we were very late. Unfortunately the one leader he knows in the 11 year old scout patrol had a family member pass away and was not there. Plus, John thought he would be with Mark and Eric so it didn’t go over too terribly well. I was happy he wanted to go at all. Instead of going to his patrol, he went into the gym where the older boys were practicing for the tournament. He knows several of their leaders. 1 was his primary teacher and another has introduced himself at church and really enjoys John. He is another one of those people who has a kind of attachment to John. I don’t know what that is, it just happens with him. People either have no idea what to do with him or they become really attached to him. He has that effect.

Telling John if he stays in sacrament and his primary class I’d take him home early and he could skip the last hour of church has worked wonderfully. This week he had me come to class with him. He took his DS but didn’t play it. He participated in class and even answered a couple of questions, correctly which I didn’t think he knew. I wonder where he absorbed information about the Holy Ghost. They did the blind folded obstacle course and one of the girls was kind enough to be John’s guide. The kids still don’t know what to make of John but they are beginning to interact a little with him although he and Sammy Monk do not get along. Sammy has typical ADHD and with John having Autism and neither one understanding the other…oil and water, they don’t mix.

As for Daniel, I had his ARD/IEP this last week. He is doing well. His teacher had him take a new kid under his wing and Daniel’s confidence at school has blossomed. They said he is talking a lot more this year. I suppose it is because his new friend has trouble with language as well and it is even worse than Daniel’s issues. So I guess Daniel figures if Keisai can talk, so can he. Probably he doesn’t feel so bad about not knowing the words.

Mom, when is my arm all better

Daniel’s speaking skills are continuing to grow.  He said, last week, “Mom, when is my arm all better.”  He sighed as he said it.  He said his arm didn’t bother him, but at the same time he showed it to me which says something.  He liked having ice on it.  They even iced it at school last Monday before I took him to show the doctor.  He gave Daniel a few doses of steroids to help it heal faster.  He was much better in 24 hours.