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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Daniel’s confidence has blossomed

John surprised me by wanting to go to boy scouts last week. So I took him although we were very late. Unfortunately the one leader he knows in the 11 year old scout patrol had a family member pass away and was not there. Plus, John thought he would be with Mark and Eric so it didn’t go over too terribly well. I was happy he wanted to go at all. Instead of going to his patrol, he went into the gym where the older boys were practicing for the tournament. He knows several of their leaders. 1 was his primary teacher and another has introduced himself at church and really enjoys John. He is another one of those people who has a kind of attachment to John. I don’t know what that is, it just happens with him. People either have no idea what to do with him or they become really attached to him. He has that effect.

Telling John if he stays in sacrament and his primary class I’d take him home early and he could skip the last hour of church has worked wonderfully. This week he had me come to class with him. He took his DS but didn’t play it. He participated in class and even answered a couple of questions, correctly which I didn’t think he knew. I wonder where he absorbed information about the Holy Ghost. They did the blind folded obstacle course and one of the girls was kind enough to be John’s guide. The kids still don’t know what to make of John but they are beginning to interact a little with him although he and Sammy Monk do not get along. Sammy has typical ADHD and with John having Autism and neither one understanding the other…oil and water, they don’t mix.

As for Daniel, I had his ARD/IEP this last week. He is doing well. His teacher had him take a new kid under his wing and Daniel’s confidence at school has blossomed. They said he is talking a lot more this year. I suppose it is because his new friend has trouble with language as well and it is even worse than Daniel’s issues. So I guess Daniel figures if Keisai can talk, so can he. Probably he doesn’t feel so bad about not knowing the words.

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