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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

FHE Book of Mormon Stories Verse Five-Ammon

Family Home Evening

Book of Mormon Stories Verse Five


fake sword (a poster board sword is fine, if you could cover the blade with aluminum foil), fake sling (I had some fake leather but any cloth is okay, cut an ellipse, punch a hole at the ends of ellipse, thread a piece of yarn through each hole and tie), some paper or sock wads (depending on size of sling, socks are less likely to hurt someone), some stuffed animals (I happened to have several sheep at the time but any will do or use pillows for the sheep)

You don’t need any of it, you can just pretend as well but props are kind of fun. We had blue carpet at the time for the lake but a cut out of blue construction paper would work if you want to go to the trouble.


Sing and teach 5th verse of Book of Mormon Stories

Book of Mormon Stories Text

Book of Mormon Stories Music

Ammon was a Great Servant Video

Ammon was a Great Servant PDF

Ammon was and Example Flannel Board Story

Act out the story of Ammon. Ammon is captured and becomes a servant. He tends the sheep, if you have another member of the family be other servants. Robbers (another member of the family) scatter sheep (through pillows around). The other servants cry, “Oh, no, the king will kill us! Boohoo!” Ammon says, “Don’t worry, get the sheep.” Robbers come again, have Ammon throw socks at them and then pretend cut off arms. (If you have a bunch of dolls that have removable arms, use those as the cut off arms. When my oldest son gave this lesson (he was about 10 at the time, he’s a great teacher) he drew paper arms. Ammon goes to another area (to tend the horses) and the servant takes the arms to the king. King calls for Ammon. Sit and stare for a couple of minutes, shifting in seat and occasionally open mouth to say something but the shake head. Explain an hour has gone by, but we aren’t going to wait that long (point it out on the clock of your child needs it). Ammon says, “Did you need me?” King says, “Are you a God?” Ammon shakes head and says, “I am a man.” Explain that after that Ammon taught the king the gospel. If your children are old enough have them act out a little more like Ammon trying to leave and the servants stopping them and/or the King offering his daughter to wed and/or some of the gospel that Ammon taught about God and the Great Spirit being the same.

This is what we did.

For some reason we had 3 or 4 stuffed sheep around our house.   We gathered them up and made a "flock".   You could make paper sheep or use cotten balls and make sheep or even just pretend a bunch of pillows are sheep.   If you want you could use something blue for the water like a tarp or blanket.   It isn't really neccessary, just designate an area as the water.

Dad was the robbers and the boys took turn being Ammon and the rest were the servants of King Lamoni.   Dad also doubled as King Lamoni.   I told the story and helped everyone act it out.   
I can just see Dad throwing pillows all over the place while he scatters the "sheep". Then Ammon and the servants gather up the "sheep" and bring them back to the water.   The robber attacks again and Ammon pretends to use a sling and then use a sword. 

I reccomend you don't use a toy sword or sling.   You could throw paper wads if you want.   Toys can hurt.   Just fake it and have fun.   The robber can collapse on the ground. 

You can pretend to gather up arms if you want.   Take into account the age and sensitivity of your children.

FHE Rule #3 – Close the curtains and do whatever your family likes to do. Lessons are not always necessary. Play games, have a talent show, have a movie and popcorn night, make your own movie. Just do it as a family, no one else allowed. If you want to share Family Home Evening, do it on another night or once in a while. Family Home Evening is just that, time for the Family to be Home and spend the Evening together.

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