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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

FHE Book of Mormon Stories Verse Six-Stripling Warriors

Family Home Evening

Book of Mormon Stories Verse Six

Materials: Flannel Board story pictures of Stripling Warriors-You can make them as colorful and fun as you want adding flannel on the back or you can just print, cut out, and use tape on the back or just have family members hold the pictures.

You could also print out the PDF file and cut the pictures apart and use those for your story.

Book of Mormon Stories Text

Book of Mormon Stories Music

Book of Mormon Scripture Reader Chapter 34

Book of Mormon Scripture Stories Chapter 34 PDF

Stripling Wariors Flannel Board Pictures

Stripling Warriors Color Flannel Board Pictures


Sing and teach 6th verse of Book of Mormon Stories

Read the story from the Book of Mormon Scripture Reader, watch the video, or read Alma 53:10-21; 56:47-49.

You could act out the chase scenes such as, build a town with building blocks. Have Heleman lead the child(ren) past the building, chase them for a bit, have another person chase the chaser. Chaser turns to face the 3rd person(s). Heleman asks the children what to do. Have children say, “fight”. Helelman could say, “but you might be killed”. Have children say, “our moms (mommies) say God will keep us safe.” Surround the chaser with the 3rd person(s). “We win!” 3rd person is dead. Heleman says, “Wow, not one of my soldiers died! What a miracle!”

I found this game on the LDS Website Stripling Warriors Game

Another idea
Get something to represent to opposing forces. (Nephites and Lamanintes.   You could have a third something for Heleman's army or you could just devide one of the other forces.   I don't know if I would devide the Nephites (because they were on the side of the Nephites, or the Lamanites (because they were the people of Ammon decended form Laman.)   Some ideas would be:   the plastic cowboys and indians, the little plastic soldiers, we   had football teams of the same thing once, lego/duplo blocks or people (we have a ton of these), coins, pieces of paper cut in differrent shapes, paper dolls, checkers and or chess pieces, different kinds of grass it really doesn't matter, what ever you have.

The short idea-
Have the "armies" fight and the Nephites/Sons win.   Explain that all of the Sons of Heleman were wounded but none of the died even though lots and lots of the other Nephites died.

The long form-
Build a city (out of blocks, cups, playdough, whatever)

The Lamanites say, "We have the City!"
The Nephites say, "We want the City!"
Have a Nephite say, "I have an idea! Heleman take your sons and march in front of the city.   (March the sons in front of the city.)
Lamanites say, "Ooh, our enemy!   They are small!   Lets go get them!"
(Lamanites chase Sons.)
(Nephites take city.) Nephite say, "We have the City! but what about the sons."
(Leave some Nephites with the city and the others chase the Lamanites.)
Now you have Sons running from Lamanites being chased by Nephites.   
Nephites catch up with Lamanites and start fighting.   Lamanites quit chasing sons.
Sons say, "What happened?   Did the Nephites catch the army or is it a trap?"
Heleman says, "What do you think?"
Sons say, "Our mom's told us we would be okay if we trust God.   We will fight."
Sons and Nephites surround Lamanites and say "We won."
Nephites say, "Wow, look at how many of us are dead.   How many sons are dead?"
Sons say, "None.   God protected us just like our mom's said he would."

You could shorten this or lengthen it anyway you want.   Have fun with your children and let them participate.   You are going to need their hands to move people.

FHE Rule #4 – Play a game. Any game will do.

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