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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

John Explodes Again

John has been doing really well. He had a blowout at school on Thursday because another student was screaming. We discussed how his screaming didn’t help the situation so hopefully next time he’ll be able to deal with it better. He didn’t hit anyone though, so good for him. Unfortunately, he had another melt down on Sunday morning. He ended up chasing Daniel down and they got into a slap fight. Mark and I pulled them apart. John calmed down after that. It is too bad he had to hit someone to calm down. I wonder how to help him calm down when he is exploding. He just goes and goes until he gets hurt or he hurts someone else.

Daniel was very unhappy about being hit, especially when he hadn’t done anything. John was just looking for someone smaller than him to hit and Daniel is the only one to fit the bill. He put up a good fight back. One of these days he is going to knock John out and John will learn not to hit Daniel.

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