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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

trying hard to get that temper under control

John is, as always, either great or awful.  He worked really hard on the STAAR (new TAKS test) for writing the first couple of days this last week.  I am really proud of him and glad that he worked hard.  He did really well until Friday and then he totally lost it.  He hit his teacher many times and they had to work with him really hard to help him calm down.  He snuck some time on the computer while I was asleep on Saturday but he agreed that he shouldn’t get the computer again that day until about 4:30.  He actually didn’t get on until 5:30 so it all worked out.  He kept asking me if he could get on the computer and I would give him a look and shake my head or ask him to remember when he could use the computer again.  At first he would start getting mad and then he would catch himself and smile impishly and run off.  He did really well up until the last hour and even then it was only a good shout and not a tantrum.  He is trying hard to get that temper under control.

March 5, 2012-Family History Report

I have one Daniel story. He had a family history report to do but the changed the requirements for him. He only needed to ask the questions and get answers, not right or give an oral report. I procrastinated asking anyone else to do it; so on the morning it was due, I got interviewed. Daniel did not understand how to ask the questions, so I read them for him. Then I told him the answers but he struggled with that so it ended up me asking him, “What is my name?” “Rachel.” “Write that down.” Hesitation, so I spelled it then told him to write our last name. I asked, “When is my birthday?” he shrugged so I told him and spelled it out for him. The next question was “Where was I born,” and I had to write that because he writes too big and it wouldn’t fit. Then, “What was school like when you were young?” I spelled each word carefully for him. That is the way the rest of the report went. I interpreted the questions for him and then spelled out the answers. I’m not sure that is what they had in mind, but it was the best he could do.