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Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Trip to the Emergency Room

I got a call from the school yesterday. When Daniel arrived at school we was complaining of a headache and hitting his head. His teacher, Mrs. Durlam, called me because I told them to take headaches seriously. I called down to Texas Children's Neurosurgery center, which was closed, and got transferred to the operator who paged the on call doctor. He told me to get Daniel and bring him to the Emergency Room down town. So, after canceling the maids and the clutter cleaner, I picked up Daniel, who looked a little off, but didn't look like he had a huge headache, and drove to the hospital. I couldn't even finish the paperwork before they called us back. There was no one else in the waiting room when we arrived. After four doctors examined him each about an hour apart they ordered a cat scan which turned out to be fine. We finally were released at about 2 pm. We were absolutely starving and poor Daniel was bored out of his mind. I forgot to bring his DS. All we had was my Kindle. Eventually we realized we could turn on the TV. I really didn't expect us to have to be seen by so many people. On the phone, the neurosurgeon told me to bring him down so he could have an MRI, which never happened, and which is why I brought my Kindle and didn't worry about entertaining Daniel.

The worst part was my phone wouldn't work, so your Dad was freaking out. Every now and then a text message could get out so he was receiving a bunch all at the same time. He kept trying to call me and my phone would ring but when I answered it cut off. When we did connect a doctor would come in and I would have to hang up. All in all is was a long scary day that turned out to be nothing. The doctors were kind enough to keep reassuring me that with Daniel's history I did the right thing.

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