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Monday, April 15, 2013

Another Trip to the Emergency Room

Last week was really crazy.  It started a week ago Friday. I got a call from the school in the morning saying that Daniel said his tummy hurt so the nurse had him lay down and he slept for a little while.  Later, on that afternoon Daniel threw up during STAAR testing.  I asked him where he threw up, he said, "trash".  I answered, "Oh, the trash can.  That is good."  I talked to his language teacher later and she told me he threw up twice.  Once all over her desk and once in the trash can. So the virus begins.

Saturday he was fine, and then the next day he got the runs.  I did really well.

Monday I started not feeling so great but didn't say anything about it, just rested.  That evening John threw up in a corner of the hall upstairs.  Ew...Of course I got the joy of taking care of the big stuff.  Rob cleaned the rest up with the carpet cleaner.  I couldn't do very much because the smell made my not quite right stomach want to empty itself as well.  There isn't anything worse then having to clean up regurgitation while your own stomach is churning already.

Tuesday, John, Derrick (my nephew who was staying with us for a little while) and I kind of moped around.  I thought John was doing fine and was looking forward to sending him back to school.  Wednesday morning at 3 a.m. John started complaining his heart hurt.  He rubbed his chest and whine about every 15 minutes.  When the doctor's office opened I called for an appointment, but it wouldn't be until 4:20 in the afternoon. 

After another hour of John's whining I decided to cancel the appointment and take him to the urgent care center.  John was telling me I needed to call 911.  I was pretty sure it wasn't a heart attack.  I gave him tums because I thought it was heartburn.  They didn't work.

Anyway, I took him to urgent care.  There wasn't anyone in the waiting room.  I talked to the lady at the window but she said that they couldn't take care of it and told me to go to Texas Children's West Campus emergency room.  So we went, and signed in, and saw the nurse.  I told her that I wasn't terribly worried but I wasn't waiting all day with him complaining at me.  John can be really annoying when he wants something.

About three and half hours later, after John was more then ready to leave and begging me to just go home, we were called back.  They did a chest x-ray and an EKG.  The EKG came back as something wrong.  The doctor and I were like,"Who knew?"  She told me to make an appointment with the cardiologist for Friday.  So we went home and I made the appointment for 9 am on Friday.

John went to school on Thursday feeling great. Also, the cardiology people wanted John to come in a 7:30 am for an echo cardiogram.

 Friday morning, John got the runs.  I figure it must be part of whatever virus we had because it cleared up really fast.  I didn't really know what to do because I didn't think they would answer the phone at 6:30 in the morning.  We ended up being a little late because I had to clean up the bathroom and John had to take a shower.

The echo cardiogram looks a lot like an ultrasound.  It was really cool to watch but John was grossed out.  We were almost done when I got a panicked call from Rob.  He had turned off the alarm and slept through everything Daniel needed to do to go to school and Daniel was gone!  He begged me to call the school and asked if I needed the number.  I have it memorized.  I've had kids in that elementary since we moved here 15 years ago.  I called and Daniel was fine in class.  Go Daniel!  He got himself up, fed, dressed and went to the bus when it came to the door without any help.  I did put out his bowl, spoon, medicine, and clothes, so it was the normal routine for him.  He told me he didn't even try to wake up his dad.  My kids are terrified of waking up their dad. problem.  I get awoken for the minorist of things, but not dad for the major.

Back to the cardiologist.  Somehow Rob was able to make it to the appointment just as the doctor was arriving.  All the tests were normal.  Nothing is wrong with John's heart.  The cardiologist chalked it up to an electrode being placed incorrectly or the virus causing a little problem.  Whew!  All that trouble for a virus!

Oh, and just to make our morning more interesting,  Rob turned on the alarm as he left with the motion detector.  He had forgotten Derrick was there and didn't know the code or the password.  When Rob rushed back and turned off the alarm, it actually went off for a few seconds.  Rob didn't stick around for the alarm company to call.  So for a few minutes we had to worry of some police officer was going to show up and drag Derrick off to jail.  Rob called the alarm company on his cell phone and everything worked out.

Like I said, a crazy week.

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