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Monday, April 15, 2013

FHE Book of Mormon Stories Verse Seven-Samuel the Lamanite

Family Home Evening

Book of Mormon Stories Verse Seven

Materials: Paper wads or sock balls, something for arrows (one time I cut them out of paper), Something high to stand on (we had a fireplace hearth but the couch or a chair would do).  Flannel board pictures. Or you could use building blocks and little people for the characters.

Over the years I have created or picked up different ways to tell Samuel the Lamanite.   (It is part of our Christmas traditions to tell the Book of Mormon part of the nativity two Mondays before Christmas and then tell the Bible part on the Monday before Christmas.)

One is with the flannel board pictures from The Friend December 1995.  I added a "Nephite" city that I drew (It was very all drawn with a ruler) and a picture of Mary with her baby.

We act it out sometimes in family home evening or use some stick puppets that were in The Friend several years ago. 

While I was Primary President I drew poster board size settings for the story. (Every now and then things I draw come out pretty good.  The talent comes and goes. It is kind of strange.)  I cut out the picture of Samuel and had him jump off the wall and run away.  I cut out a sun and a moon, put a paperclip on the back and then used a huge magnet to make them go across the sky for the day a night and a day.

And then there is always the Scripture Reader and its video.


Sing and teach the seventh verse of Book of Mormon Stories.

Read the story of Samuel the Lamanite from the Scripture Reader, watch the video or read Helaman 13-15.

Samuel the Lamanite was a Righteous man. He went to Zarahemla to teach the Nephites. He told them to repent. The Nephites would not listen to Samuel. They made him leave. God told him to go back and teach them. The Nephites would not let him in their city. He stood on the wall.

Samuel told the Nephites God had sent him. He told them to repent and believe in Jesus Christ. If they would not repent, God would punish them. He said Jesus Christ would be born in five years. The people in America would know when Jesus Christ was born near Jerusalem. On the night before he was born it would not get dark. It would be light for a day. a night, and a day. The people would also see a new star. Then they would know that Jesus Christ was born.

Samuel also said Jesus Christ would die. He told the people it would be dark for three days in America. The sun, moon, and stars would not shine. There would be bad storms. The earth would shake. Mountains would fall down. Cities would be destroyed. Many people would die.

Many Nephites did not believe Samuel. They threw rocks and shot arrows at him. God Would not let them hit him. The people tried to catch Samuel. He ran away to his own land. He never came back to the Nephites.

Some Nephites believed Samuel. They repented and were baptized. Some of the Nephites and Lamanites stayed righteous. But most were wicked. They would not believe in Jesus Christ. The wicked people said Samuel was wrong. The five years had almost ended. Jesus Christ had not been born.

Nephi was a Nephite. He was a leader of the Church. (Explain that he was not the first Nephi.)

The wicked people said they would kill the righteous people when the five years had ended. Nephi prayed for the people who believed in Jesus Christ. He did not want them to die.

God told Nephi not to worry. That night it would not get dark. Jesus Christ would be born to the next day.

That night the sun went down. But it did not get dark. It was light all night. The next day Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. Bethlehem is near Jerusalem. The people in America saw a new star. Samuel's words had come true.

For acting out, make sure no one actually hits Samuel with the socks or arrows.  Sometimes siblings just don't work for that.  It depends on how old they are and how mischievous.

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