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Sunday, May 19, 2013

FHE Book of Mormon Stories Verse 8-Christ in America

Book of Mormon Stories Verse 8
Jesus Christ Visits the Americas

  Sing Book of Mormon Stories verse 8 from the Children's Songbook page 119

Materials: Flashlight

Book of Mormon Stories Link

Book of Mormon Stories Music

Have a flashlight.   Go into a dark room (we use the bathroom).   Ask the kids if they can see.   Explain that it was very dark for the people.   There was no sun, moon or stars just like here.   Then the people heard a voice.   (If one of you speaks a foreign language have them say something 2 times.)   Then turn on the light.   The sun, moon and stars were back. (Move into your FHE room.)

Later the people saw a light and in the light they saw a person.   It was Jesus.   God said, "This is my Beloved son.   Hear Him."   Turn on the lights.   The dark was gone. Jesus taught the people many good things.   He taught them about the sacrament.   He healed the sick people.   Then he blessed the children. (Have Dad lay his hands on each child and show how Jesus would bless the children.)   It was a very special time for the people.

Here is the flannel board story from The Friend, October 1992, page 46.

Book of Mormon Stories Flannel Board

Book of Mormon Stories Video

This lesson should be much more reverent then the other ones.   Good luck with that.   Bear your testimony of Christ.

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