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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

FHE Follow the Prophet Verse 1-Adam and Eve

Follow the Prophet Verse 1
Adam And Eve

Get a Pictures of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (or just the garden of Eden), Adam and Eve leaving the garden, Adam and Eve teaching their children
Prepare some type of fruit to eat.
Optional-prepare a garden to plant or a seed cup to plant

Sing the first verse of Follow the Prophet

Follow the Prophet Text

Follow the Prophet Music

Scripture Reader Story-Adam and Eve Chapter 3 PDF

Scripture Reader Story - Adam and Eve Video

Adam and Eve Teaching Their Children (Gospel Art Book [2009], no

Adam and Eve Kneeling at an Altar (Gospel Art Book [2009], no. 4)

Tell the Children that Adam was the 1st man (you may need to teach daddy=man, mommy=woman) and Eve was the first woman.

(Show a picture of Adam and Eve)   "God made a beautiful garden for them.   He told them to eat everything except the fruit of one tree.   If they ate that fruit, they would have to leave the Garden."

God also told Adam Eve to have children, but they could not as long as they stayed in the Garden of Eden. One day Adam and Eve decided to eat the fruit. ( Have everyone that is able eat a piece of fruit.)   God told them they must leave the Garden because they ate of the fruit.   (Show picture of Adam and Eve leaving the garden.)   Adam and Eve had many children.   Because they had children, you are here.   They taught their children about God.   (Show a picture of Adam teaching his children.)   He was a prophet."

You may also want to talk about how in the garden they did not have to work to make the garden grow or to have food.   Now we have to work very hard to make a garden grow and to have food.   (Have the children pantamime working in a garden and/or plant a garden now or during the week or plant a seed cup and watch it grow.)

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