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Thursday, June 20, 2013

FHE Follow the Prophet Verse 4-Abraham and his Family Part 2

Follow the Prophet Verse 4 Part 2
Abraham and his Family
Rebekah at the Well

Get Pictures

The Scripture Readers do not include the story of Rebekah at the Well.

Rebekah at the Well
By Mariam Joyce Grisham

Mariam Joyce Grisham, “Rebekah at the Well,” Friend, May 2002, 36

Allow the Children to color the picture as you tell the story.

Abraham wanted his son Isaac to have a good wife. He sent a servant to find one for Isaac. (Pretend to search for something or you could hide an object for them to find, or play a short game of hide and seek.)

In the city of Nahor, the servant stopped by a well and prayed that Isaac’s future wife would agree to give him water to drink and offer to draw water for his camels, as well. (Pretend to kneel and pray.) This prayer was answered, and Rebekah became Isaac’s wife. (Pretend to draw water from a well. You could also ladel water from a bucket or tub into a glass.) (See Gen. 24.)

(To help Rebekah do her kind deed, color the picture on this page. Then remove it from the magazine and mount it on heavy paper. Cut out piece A, line up the two Xs with piece A on top, and put a brass fastener through them. The arm can now move to lift the jug.)

Rebekah's Betrothal (A Longer Version of the Story)

Daniel's Writing - The Best Year Ever

The best year Ever

The best time I had was in Ms. Wilkinson's Class.  We went to downtown Houston to see a play called "A day in a life of a Spider, Worm, and Fly." At recess the Ms. Wilkinson would play red light and green light with me.

She would teach us a new games to help us learn math skills.  Ms. Wilkinson would teach us a song to learn the order of the planets.  I can still sing the song.

When it was the last day of school, I felt down and sad, because I knew I had to Leave Ms. Wilkinson and 3rd grade.  I was going to have to go to 4th grade, but I still get to see Ms. Wilkinson in the 3rd grade Hall.  I really liked spending time with Ms. Wilkinson.  I was the best time I ever had in school.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daniel's Writing-Making a Lego Bird

I am making a bird out of legos.  It can fly high, it can fly low, it can fly backward and forward.

To make a bird here are the 3 items you will need.

You need a red Lego thats made out of 12 prongs

Next you need a black Lego that has made out of 48 prongs

Last you need a black wing Lego that has 54 prongs.

Now I going to tell you how to make a bird out of Lego step by step.

first Put the red lego in the middle.  Next put the black rectangular 48 prongs Lego on the left.  Last Put the black wing 54 p rongs Lego on the right. Finaly you conect all the peces together.  There you have a Lego bird.

I hope you injoy the Lego bird.

(Spelling and punctuation errors are the ones Daniel made.)

FHE Follow the Prophet Verse 4-Abraham and his Family

Follow the Prophet Verse 4
Abraham and  his Family

Follow the Prophet Text

Follow the Prophet Music

Scripture Reader Story-Abraham and the Sacrifice of Isaac Video

Scripture Reader Story-Abraham and the Sacrifice of Isaac PDF

This is a difficult lesson to teach to very young children.   As I recall, it did not go over well with my small children when we tried to explain the family associations.   I've attached a few pictures that might help.   You might want to teach this one over 3 or 4 weeks.   I will present it in 4 sections with the same name with cont in the title so it will make more sense.

To present it all in one lessons use a large sheet of paper, poster board, chalkboard or whatever.   Draw stick figures to represent Abraham a Sarah at the top of the page.   Say, Abraham and Sarah had a son.   Draw a short vertical line under them and draw a stick figures to represent Isaac.   He got married, (draw Rebekah) and had two sons. (Draw a short vertical line and a long horizontal line.)   They were twins named Esau (draw stick figure Esau at one end of horizontal line) and Jacob (draw stick figure Jacob at the other end of horizontal line.   Make sure Jacob is kind of in the middle so you have plenty of room to draw his family.   Esau can be off to one side.)   Jacob got married 4 times (draw 4 stick women).   They had 12 sons.   (draw short vertical line down and long horizontal line.   Add 12 stick figures.   You may label with the names of everyone if you wish.)

You could use pictures of grandparents and parents of your own family to show the relationships of the family.

To make this even shorter, draw the stick figures on strips or pieces of paper before hand.   Or you could have the children place the figures on the board and you label them.

To present in more then one lesson with more detail start with the following.

Modified from Abraham Covenants with the Lord,” Friend, Aug 1998, 34

Color the flannel-board figures, then mount them on heavy paper (if you want). Cut them out and use them and the attached picture to retell the story of Abraham. 

Abraham Covenants with The Lord-Friend, Aug 1998

Abraham was a man who tried to do all that the Lord asked of him. When he and Sarah, his wife, were quite old, they had a son, Isaac. He was very dear to them. One day the Lord told Abraham build an altar, and sacrifice his son.   (Pretend to build an alter or use blocks to build an alter.)

Though Abraham loved his son very much, he had great faith in the Lord so he built an altar and laid his son on it. He raised his knife and was just about to slay his son, when the angel of the Lord called to him out of heaven.   (Have the child pretend to be an angel and say “STOP!”)

(Place a toy animal on the alter.)   God Provided an animal for Abraham to sacrifice instead of his son.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Story by Daniel-Voting is Important

I finally looked through Daniel's school stuff. They sent home a ton of stories he wrote.  I think I will add them because he is really cute and it is really difficult for him to write. Spelling and punctuation errors are his ( unless I make a typo).  It is also difficult to tell when he is using a capital letters.

Voting is import.  It is a privladge to vote.  When I am 18 years old I am going to vote.  Since I am 10 I can' so I support Barack Obama for president Here are some reasons why.

Barack Obama was born on August 4th, 1961 in Hawiai.  He went to colladge in California.  He got his degree in law and he was a rights lawyer.  He then became an Illinois Senator.  He made histlry by becoming the first African American president.

Barack Obama's political stance on Ealucation is to improve early education and to help students pay back loans after 10 years of service.  This is one reason I support him.

Another reason is because he gives great speeches.  His speeches are clear and with a lot of enery.

Monday, June 10, 2013

FHE Follow the Prophet Verse 3-Noah

Follow the Prophet Verse 3

Noah is a fun story to teach and there are many object and pantomimes that can help teach the story.   
You could use:
flannel board story 
A toy Noah's Ark (they are everywhere
A clothes basket, stuffed animals, dolls or allow the kids to be the people
Plastic animals and dolls (barbie?) with a box

Noah Flannel Board Pictures

Scripture Reader Video-Noah

Scripture Reader PDF Noah

Sing Verse 3 of Follow the Prophet.

Follow the Prophet Text

Follow the Prophet Music

Retell the story of Noah in your own words. Use any or all of the following ideas. 

Have the children name animals as you put them in the "Ark" or play a game of animal charades. 
Float the ark. (If it is water tight in a tub or bathtub, if not, in the air or across the floor depending on the size) 
Count forty days on a calendar or 120(if your children are old enough and depending on how high they can count.   If they only know to 10 do it for times.)   
If you have little army dolls or cowboys and Indians or you could even use game pieces (for example, risk pieces), pieces of paper with stick people on them to represent the people who are "swept of the earth" when the rain comes.   
Have the children pantomime caring for the animals on the ark. 
When the "Ark" comes to a rest, remove the animals.   Have the children pretend to offer sacrifice (as long as they won't try sacrificing stuff on their own).   
Draw or show a picture of a rainbow or use a prism to make a rainbow.

Catching Up

I looked back over my posts and realized I need to write an update.  A lot has happened that didn't get written.  Daniel had his MRI in January.  It showed that the tumor is growing and changing shape.  If you compare the January 2013 MRI with the June 2012 MRI you can't tell the difference but if you go back to the MRI taken right after Daniel's surgery and compare it to the January 2013 MRI there is definitely a change.  I was pretty upset about that at first.  I was hoping to go the MRIs once a year instead of every 6 months.  Instead I get to anticipate MRIs getting closer together and more often. I've pretty much come to terms with it now.  The only problem is I feel this looming weight that is going to be dropped on me sometime in the future.  I am trying to ignore it as much as possible but it isn't completely possible.

We also get to go twice a year to a Texas Children's opthamologist.  The tumor is a hair's breadth from his optic nerves, so we have to keep an eye on his vision.  I am not really worried about it because the tumor has never grown that direction.  It is just more doctors appointments.  I hate doctor's appointments.

On to another friend Jana came up with a great lesson for autistic people.  One of the deficits people with autism have is the ability to see things from another persons point of view.  They cannot get outside themselves and understand other people's feelings or that other people experience things differently. So what Jana did was make labels, one with John's name, and one with Joseph Smith's name, any other person's name would work like mom or dad.  Then she asked John what his "work" is.  He has been wanting to make a lemonade stand, so they drew one with John working at it.  They put that picture under John's name.  Then she took out a picture of Joseph Smith farming and put it under Joseph Smith's name.  The she switched the pictures.  She said at first John freaked out, yelling and climbing under the table because he wanted to do the lemonade stand and not be a farmer.  She explained that being able to pretend to switch points of view with someone else is something people without autism do all the time.  So John gave it a try and they had a little fun pretending to farm.  The next week she did the same thing and John got right into it and enjoyed it.  One of the things I've noticed about John and Daniel and that Jana has mentioned about other children with autism that she has worked with is that it takes time for autistic children to process what is being taught.  It might take a day or a week or sometime longer.  Sometimes it has to be retaught several times and allow time in between for the ideas or actions to ferment.  With John it usually takes about a day but sometimes a week.  So the week between lessons allowed John to think about what they did.  I do not know if this is conscious or unconscious. I thought taking the pictures and switching them was a great way to teach John how to put himself in another persons shoes.

Funny Daniel Story-

During STAAR testing, parents were asked to send lunches to school.  The school would provide sack lunches if the parents didn't send a lunch.  I have no idea why the kids couldn't go to the cafeteria, but whatever.  After school, Daniel came running off the bus yelling "MILK!"  I started laughing.  Normally when I make his lunch, I put water in an opaque bottle.  This time, I put milk in it.  I keep giggling every time I think of Daniel taking a sip from his water bottle and getting milk.  In order for him to remember until he got home it must of made quite an impression.

Speaking (or is it writing) of STAAR testing...Daniel passed though about half of it was modified.  He got a 2 out of 10 on writing.  The statement on that was "extremely limited". Duh.

John on the other hand, didn't pass in science and math.  Funny thing is he did in language.  John is really good at math and science so I have no idea why he didn't pass.  He took the test again at the end of the school year.  I haven't got the results of that.  I asked what would happen if he didn't pass that one.  They said he would have to go to summer school, which he is already doing the extended year program for autism so it doesn't change anything for us.  If he doesn't pass after summer school we get to have another ARD and decide what to do with him.  At least no child left behind has now taken into account that not all children are capable of not being left behind and allowed the ARD team or IEP team in other places decide what to do with the child.  We really don't want 18 year old in preschool just because they are disabled and can't learn more than a 2 year old can.

Monday, June 3, 2013

FHE Follow the Prophet Verse 2-Enoch

Follow the Prophet Verse 2

Preparations:   Prepare flannel board story-print out pictures.   You can make it durable and pretty by using card-stock and coloring or using paint to fill in colors before printing.   Laminate and if you want add flannel or felt to the back.   For quick and easy, print out in black and white, cut out and use tape on the back.   We tape the pictures to our entertainment center as we tell the story.   Use any combination of the easiest and the durable that you have time for such as color, print and use paper and tape.

Gather some Blocks to build the city of Zion

Scripture Reader Story - PDF
Sing Follow the Prophet verse 2

Follow the Prophet Music
Modified from “Follow the Prophet,” Friend, May 2001, 42

I will …  open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it (3 Ne. 24:10).   (Memorize if children are old enough.)

Enoch was the great-great-great-great-grandson of Adam, and the great-grandfather of Noah. (Place picture of Enoch and Adam on the flannel board)

The Lord came to Enoch and told him warn the people to repent. (Place the picture or Enoch warning the people on the flannel board.   Have the children practice saying "repent" or "repent and be baptized".)

The people who believed the prophet Enoch and followed him were blessed. (You could play Follow the Leader to teach what follow means.) When their enemies came to fight them, he “spake the word of the Lord, and the earth trembled, and the mountains fled, even according to his command; and the rivers of water were turned out of their course; and the roar of the lions was heard out of the wilderness. …(use flannel board pictures.)

The people built a city named Zion. (Build some buildings with the blocks on something you can lift like a tray or cardboard.)   They became so righteous the Lord took them to live with him.   (Lift up the city and take it to another room.   Place picture of city in clouds on board.)

The people who followed the prophet Enoch, and had faith in Jesus Christ, and kept His commandments were blessed to live with Him in Zion forever.