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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Daniel's Writing - The Best Year Ever

The best year Ever

The best time I had was in Ms. Wilkinson's Class.  We went to downtown Houston to see a play called "A day in a life of a Spider, Worm, and Fly." At recess the Ms. Wilkinson would play red light and green light with me.

She would teach us a new games to help us learn math skills.  Ms. Wilkinson would teach us a song to learn the order of the planets.  I can still sing the song.

When it was the last day of school, I felt down and sad, because I knew I had to Leave Ms. Wilkinson and 3rd grade.  I was going to have to go to 4th grade, but I still get to see Ms. Wilkinson in the 3rd grade Hall.  I really liked spending time with Ms. Wilkinson.  I was the best time I ever had in school.

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