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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daniel's Writing-Making a Lego Bird

I am making a bird out of legos.  It can fly high, it can fly low, it can fly backward and forward.

To make a bird here are the 3 items you will need.

You need a red Lego thats made out of 12 prongs

Next you need a black Lego that has made out of 48 prongs

Last you need a black wing Lego that has 54 prongs.

Now I going to tell you how to make a bird out of Lego step by step.

first Put the red lego in the middle.  Next put the black rectangular 48 prongs Lego on the left.  Last Put the black wing 54 p rongs Lego on the right. Finaly you conect all the peces together.  There you have a Lego bird.

I hope you injoy the Lego bird.

(Spelling and punctuation errors are the ones Daniel made.)

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