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Monday, June 10, 2013

FHE Follow the Prophet Verse 3-Noah

Follow the Prophet Verse 3

Noah is a fun story to teach and there are many object and pantomimes that can help teach the story.   
You could use:
flannel board story 
A toy Noah's Ark (they are everywhere
A clothes basket, stuffed animals, dolls or allow the kids to be the people
Plastic animals and dolls (barbie?) with a box

Noah Flannel Board Pictures

Scripture Reader Video-Noah

Scripture Reader PDF Noah

Sing Verse 3 of Follow the Prophet.

Follow the Prophet Text

Follow the Prophet Music

Retell the story of Noah in your own words. Use any or all of the following ideas. 

Have the children name animals as you put them in the "Ark" or play a game of animal charades. 
Float the ark. (If it is water tight in a tub or bathtub, if not, in the air or across the floor depending on the size) 
Count forty days on a calendar or 120(if your children are old enough and depending on how high they can count.   If they only know to 10 do it for times.)   
If you have little army dolls or cowboys and Indians or you could even use game pieces (for example, risk pieces), pieces of paper with stick people on them to represent the people who are "swept of the earth" when the rain comes.   
Have the children pantomime caring for the animals on the ark. 
When the "Ark" comes to a rest, remove the animals.   Have the children pretend to offer sacrifice (as long as they won't try sacrificing stuff on their own).   
Draw or show a picture of a rainbow or use a prism to make a rainbow.

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