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Sunday, June 16, 2013

FHE Follow the Prophet Verse 4-Abraham and his Family

Follow the Prophet Verse 4
Abraham and  his Family

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Scripture Reader Story-Abraham and the Sacrifice of Isaac Video

Scripture Reader Story-Abraham and the Sacrifice of Isaac PDF

This is a difficult lesson to teach to very young children.   As I recall, it did not go over well with my small children when we tried to explain the family associations.   I've attached a few pictures that might help.   You might want to teach this one over 3 or 4 weeks.   I will present it in 4 sections with the same name with cont in the title so it will make more sense.

To present it all in one lessons use a large sheet of paper, poster board, chalkboard or whatever.   Draw stick figures to represent Abraham a Sarah at the top of the page.   Say, Abraham and Sarah had a son.   Draw a short vertical line under them and draw a stick figures to represent Isaac.   He got married, (draw Rebekah) and had two sons. (Draw a short vertical line and a long horizontal line.)   They were twins named Esau (draw stick figure Esau at one end of horizontal line) and Jacob (draw stick figure Jacob at the other end of horizontal line.   Make sure Jacob is kind of in the middle so you have plenty of room to draw his family.   Esau can be off to one side.)   Jacob got married 4 times (draw 4 stick women).   They had 12 sons.   (draw short vertical line down and long horizontal line.   Add 12 stick figures.   You may label with the names of everyone if you wish.)

You could use pictures of grandparents and parents of your own family to show the relationships of the family.

To make this even shorter, draw the stick figures on strips or pieces of paper before hand.   Or you could have the children place the figures on the board and you label them.

To present in more then one lesson with more detail start with the following.

Modified from Abraham Covenants with the Lord,” Friend, Aug 1998, 34

Color the flannel-board figures, then mount them on heavy paper (if you want). Cut them out and use them and the attached picture to retell the story of Abraham. 

Abraham Covenants with The Lord-Friend, Aug 1998

Abraham was a man who tried to do all that the Lord asked of him. When he and Sarah, his wife, were quite old, they had a son, Isaac. He was very dear to them. One day the Lord told Abraham build an altar, and sacrifice his son.   (Pretend to build an alter or use blocks to build an alter.)

Though Abraham loved his son very much, he had great faith in the Lord so he built an altar and laid his son on it. He raised his knife and was just about to slay his son, when the angel of the Lord called to him out of heaven.   (Have the child pretend to be an angel and say “STOP!”)

(Place a toy animal on the alter.)   God Provided an animal for Abraham to sacrifice instead of his son.

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