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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MRI Time

Daniel's MRI was last Friday. On Monday Daniel and I went to see Dr. Su, his oncologist. The tumor had doubled in size since his surgery 3 ½ years ago. Dr. Su said he talked to Dr. Whitehead, Daniel's neurosurgeon, and the Dr. Whitehead said that at some point it would need to be taken out. I’ve known that since January when we were first told the tumor was growing. Dr. Whitehead would prefer we wait until it causes symptoms, according to Dr. Su. Dr. Su said he wasn't sure it would ever cause symptoms. I figure that is because it is a flat shape kind of like a coin.  You can barely see it if you are not looking at the view going in through Daniel’s nose.  (Wow that sounds weird.)The brain fluid that is produced by the ventricles where the tumor is located can drain on either side of the tumor so it probably won't cause hydrocephalus. Is that good or bad? Does that mean we should just leave it in until it gets so big that there is no choice? I don't know. I won't know until we actually talk with Dr. Whitehead on August second.

Dr. Su was thinking it might be good to take it out in the summer so Daniel would have time to recover before school starts. The problem with that is I already scheduled Daniel to have tonsillectomy on August 7th so that would be two surgeries very close together. So, what do we do? Do we wait until next summer for one of the surgeries. If we do wait, which one do we postpone? Neither one is urgent. Do we do them at the same time so he is in pain for both, and on pain relievers for both, at the same time? We can’t actually do the surgeries on the same day because Daniel’s ENT doesn’t do surgeries at Texas Children’s and getting both of the staffs  to coordinate is really difficult according to Dr. Su.

Questions, questions, (sigh) that is all I will have until we actually see Dr. Whitehead . I did put in a call in to Dr. Wani, the ENT, to ask how long to wait after the tonsillectomy for the brain surgery since is unlikely we could schedule the brain surgery the same week as our visit with Dr. Whitehead. He hasn’t gotten back to me.  I think he is on vacation.    I am concerned the breathing tube for the brain surgery would cause problems with the tonsillectomy’s healing.  My stress level is going to be pretty high until the visit with Dr. Whitehead. Sometimes, I think, in a way, having all these questions is actually more stressful than actually doing the surgeries.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

FHE Follow the Prophet Verse 4-Jacob and his Family Part 4

Follow the Prophet Verse 4 Part 4
Jacob and his Family

A pitcher of water
Glasses for the water
A Ladle
A valentine heart
Pictures of your wedding (if appropriate)
14 objects to count (anything will do, I have decorative rocks that I use for counters)
Pictures of grandparents
Pictures on a family tree or pedigree chart if available)
3 Dolls (preferable 1 male and 2 female or use family members. You could dress them in wedding clothes.)

Review last week about the Jacob and Esau.

Isaac to Jacob to go to another land to find a wife just like he had. Jacob was thirsty from traveling. He stopped at a well to get a drink.  A beautiful girl, named Rachel, got some water from the well and gave it to Jacob.  (Fill a pitcher or very clean bucket with water and ladle the water into glasses.  Take a drink.)  Jacob fell in love with Rachel.  (Show a heart for love.) He went to Rachel's dad, Laban, to ask him if it is all right to marry Rachel.  (Show a picture of and discuss your own marriage if appropriate.) Laban said yes but only if Joseph worked for 7 years. (Pantomime working.  Count to seven, with objects.) Joseph said, "Okay."

Laban tricked Jacob at the wedding.  Instead of marrying Rachel, Laban had switched Rachel's sister, Leah. (Have a two children or dolls pretend to get married but switch a third person or doll for the one supposed to get married.) 

Jacob was not happy but he stayed married to Leah.  Joseph asked Laban again if he could marry Rachel.  A long time ago it was okay to have more than one wife.  Laban said yes if Joseph would work another 7 years.  (Count out 7 object, then count out another 7 objects.  Put them together and count out 14 objects.  Add the 14 to your child's age and tell them how old they would be after 14 years. You could use a calendar if your child understand them.  An easy way would be to print out seven year-long calendars.)

Joseph and his wives had 12 boys.  (Count again.)  The 12 boys had lots and lots of grandchildren.  (Show a pictures of several generations of grandparents.) The 12 boy's grandchildren became the nation of Israel and each boy's grandchildren were grouped into tribes so there are 12 tribes of Israel.

Daniel's Writing-A Letter to Governor Rick Perry

Daniel filled in the blanks on this letter.  The pre-written parts are in italics.

Dear Governor Rick Perry,

My name is Daniel Frame And I think we should have Veterans Day off.  On this day I would like to honor our Veterans because they fought for our country.  I would also like to spend time with our veterans by hanging out with them.  Thank you!


Monday, July 1, 2013

Daniel's Writing-9/11

Writing Prompt:  Interview someone who was alive during 9/11.  What were they doing that day when they heard the news?  How did they feel?  What did they think?

Daniel interviewed me.

My mom was taking my brother to school.

She was shocked and a little scared.

She thought, "we are under attack.  We are at war.  Should I go to my Dr.'s appointment?  I will not let them scare me."

My mom went to the doctor.

Daniel's teacher wrote:
Very nice Daniel.  I like how you added quotations as your mother was thinking.

FHE Follow the Prophet Verse 4-Abraham and his Family Part 3

Follow the Prophet Verse 4 Part 2
Abraham and his Family
Jacob and Esau

Have pottage (soup or stew) for dinner
Find something hairy (like fur), something smooth (like a table top), and something red (or a picture of someone who had red skin)
Picture of goats

Follow the Prophet Text

Follow the Prophet Music

Scripture Reader Story-Jacob and Esau Video

Scripture Reader Story-Jacob and Esau PDF

Jacob and Esau Coloring Pages

Jacob and Esau on Pinterest

Rebekah and Isaac had twins.  When they were born the first boy born was named Esau. He was red and hairy all over. (have the children feel something hairy and something smooth and show them something red or show a picture of someone with a sunburn). The younger twin was named Jacob.

As the boys got older they liked doing different things.   Esau was good at hunting and loved doing things outside (pretend to hunt and do things outside) and Jacob liked to stick around home and did things on his own.   (Pretend to read, write and do math.)

Because Jacob stayed at home a lot he learned to cook with his mom.  (pretend to cook) One day he had made some of his delicious stew that everyone liked.  (Rub tummy and say yum)  Esau had been out early in the morning hunting and he was very hungry.   So hungry that he could smell the stew from a far way off. (Sniff the air)

As soon as Esau got home he asked Jacob, "Quick, let me have some of your stew, I'm starving!"   Jacob replied, "First give me your birthright." Jacob wanted to get what Esau would when Jacob went to live with God.

So when Jacob asked Esau for his birthright, Esau should have said, "No way!   That's something special for me and I need to use it because every gift I receive is a gift from God."

Instead Esau could only think of how hungry he was and he said, "Yes already, you can have my birthright just give me some food before I starve to death."

By choosing food over his birthright Esau did a bad thing.   He made a decision he couldn't change and he disappointed God by not seeing the importance of his special gift he would get later on and choosing a silly thing like a bowl of soup instead.

The story isn't over yet.   The next part of the story is about Jacob and the bad choices he makes.   

Isaac was getting old and he wasn't able to see anymore.   (blindfold the children to show what it is like to be blind.) He wanted to give his oldest and favorite son Esau his blessing before he died.   This blessing was the special promise that God promised to his grandfather Abraham, and then to his father Isaac.

Isaac loved the food that Esau hunted.   So he told Esau to go hunt and prepare a special meal for him and then he would give him the blessing.

Rebekah overheard Isaac talking to Esau and rushed to tell her favorite son Jacob.   She said to Jacob, "Your father is about to give Esau his blessing and I want you to have it instead.   You need to go get two of our goats ( show a picture of goats) and bring them to me, I will prepare them just the way Isaac likes it.   Then you can take it to him and he will give you the blessing instead."

Jacob replied, "But mom, Esau is a hairy man.   What if dad touches me and realizes that I'm tricking him?"

His mother said to him, "Don't worry you can wear Esau's clothes and we'll put the goat hair on your hands and neck so he'll never know." 

So they did just that and Jacob went to see his father pretending to be Esau.
"Hello father," Jacob said.

"Hello, and who is this?"   His father asked. 

"It is me, Esau.   I have brought you the food you wanted so that you can give me my blessing." Jacob lied.

"Come closer so I can touch you and know that you are really my oldest son Esau, said his father.

So Jacob went to Isaac and he felt his hands and said, "You sound just like Jacob but your hands are just like Esau.   Are you really Esau?" 

And Jacob chose to lie again, "I am."

So Isaac ate and when he was finished he asked, "Come and kiss me."   When Jacob went to kiss him, Isaac smelled the clothes he was wearing just to make sure it smelled like Esau.   Since Jacob was wearing Esau's clothes his father believed that he was with Esau and he gave the blessing to Jacob.

Just as Jacob finished getting the blessing he thought he heard Esau coming so he quickly snuck out the back of the tent.   Just as he was walking away Esau entered the tent with the food he had prepared for his father.

His father asked, "Who are you?"

"It's me, your son Esau.   I'm hear to get my blessing,"   said Esau confused.
"I just gave you your blessing."   And Isaac realized he had been tricked.   He and Esau were very angry.   Jacob ran away.   

Swimming Camp, Wicked People and Bullies

John and Daniel have been going to Camp Journey with Suzette for the last couple of weeks.  It is a swimming camp.  My kids don't know how to swim but both are very close to learning.  Daniel can float on his back and John did learn to be able to get to the side of the pool a couple of years ago. I am hoping a lot of time in the water will help them learn.  It is how I learned.

I asked Daniel if he could swim yet after about a week and a half.  He said, "I swim backstroke."  I don't know if he actually can, but he was really cute saying it.

I ask every now and then how they are doing at the pool.  I loved Suzette's answer.  She said, "Daniel is great, easy. But that one..." she pointed to John and grimaced.  John can be a stinker sometimes.  Both literally and figuratively. When John isn't in school he tends to poop his pants.  When will it ever end?  The annoying part is he know how!!! He just refuses.  If actually couldn't do it, it wouldn't be nearly so annoying.

Moving on...
We had a lesson on wicked people hurting Joseph Smith and throwing him in jail by lying.  John's answer to the problem, "if wicked people do that to me, I would tell them to please stop".  Please?

John, yesterday said his solution to bullies was to, "if you can't go to an adult or teacher, you can say, 'that doesn't make sense.  Come back when you can say something that makes sense."

I wish the world actually worked like that.  People would stop when you ask them.