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Monday, July 1, 2013

FHE Follow the Prophet Verse 4-Abraham and his Family Part 3

Follow the Prophet Verse 4 Part 2
Abraham and his Family
Jacob and Esau

Have pottage (soup or stew) for dinner
Find something hairy (like fur), something smooth (like a table top), and something red (or a picture of someone who had red skin)
Picture of goats

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Scripture Reader Story-Jacob and Esau Video

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Rebekah and Isaac had twins.  When they were born the first boy born was named Esau. He was red and hairy all over. (have the children feel something hairy and something smooth and show them something red or show a picture of someone with a sunburn). The younger twin was named Jacob.

As the boys got older they liked doing different things.   Esau was good at hunting and loved doing things outside (pretend to hunt and do things outside) and Jacob liked to stick around home and did things on his own.   (Pretend to read, write and do math.)

Because Jacob stayed at home a lot he learned to cook with his mom.  (pretend to cook) One day he had made some of his delicious stew that everyone liked.  (Rub tummy and say yum)  Esau had been out early in the morning hunting and he was very hungry.   So hungry that he could smell the stew from a far way off. (Sniff the air)

As soon as Esau got home he asked Jacob, "Quick, let me have some of your stew, I'm starving!"   Jacob replied, "First give me your birthright." Jacob wanted to get what Esau would when Jacob went to live with God.

So when Jacob asked Esau for his birthright, Esau should have said, "No way!   That's something special for me and I need to use it because every gift I receive is a gift from God."

Instead Esau could only think of how hungry he was and he said, "Yes already, you can have my birthright just give me some food before I starve to death."

By choosing food over his birthright Esau did a bad thing.   He made a decision he couldn't change and he disappointed God by not seeing the importance of his special gift he would get later on and choosing a silly thing like a bowl of soup instead.

The story isn't over yet.   The next part of the story is about Jacob and the bad choices he makes.   

Isaac was getting old and he wasn't able to see anymore.   (blindfold the children to show what it is like to be blind.) He wanted to give his oldest and favorite son Esau his blessing before he died.   This blessing was the special promise that God promised to his grandfather Abraham, and then to his father Isaac.

Isaac loved the food that Esau hunted.   So he told Esau to go hunt and prepare a special meal for him and then he would give him the blessing.

Rebekah overheard Isaac talking to Esau and rushed to tell her favorite son Jacob.   She said to Jacob, "Your father is about to give Esau his blessing and I want you to have it instead.   You need to go get two of our goats ( show a picture of goats) and bring them to me, I will prepare them just the way Isaac likes it.   Then you can take it to him and he will give you the blessing instead."

Jacob replied, "But mom, Esau is a hairy man.   What if dad touches me and realizes that I'm tricking him?"

His mother said to him, "Don't worry you can wear Esau's clothes and we'll put the goat hair on your hands and neck so he'll never know." 

So they did just that and Jacob went to see his father pretending to be Esau.
"Hello father," Jacob said.

"Hello, and who is this?"   His father asked. 

"It is me, Esau.   I have brought you the food you wanted so that you can give me my blessing." Jacob lied.

"Come closer so I can touch you and know that you are really my oldest son Esau, said his father.

So Jacob went to Isaac and he felt his hands and said, "You sound just like Jacob but your hands are just like Esau.   Are you really Esau?" 

And Jacob chose to lie again, "I am."

So Isaac ate and when he was finished he asked, "Come and kiss me."   When Jacob went to kiss him, Isaac smelled the clothes he was wearing just to make sure it smelled like Esau.   Since Jacob was wearing Esau's clothes his father believed that he was with Esau and he gave the blessing to Jacob.

Just as Jacob finished getting the blessing he thought he heard Esau coming so he quickly snuck out the back of the tent.   Just as he was walking away Esau entered the tent with the food he had prepared for his father.

His father asked, "Who are you?"

"It's me, your son Esau.   I'm hear to get my blessing,"   said Esau confused.
"I just gave you your blessing."   And Isaac realized he had been tricked.   He and Esau were very angry.   Jacob ran away.   

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