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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

FHE Follow the Prophet Verse 4-Jacob and his Family Part 4

Follow the Prophet Verse 4 Part 4
Jacob and his Family

A pitcher of water
Glasses for the water
A Ladle
A valentine heart
Pictures of your wedding (if appropriate)
14 objects to count (anything will do, I have decorative rocks that I use for counters)
Pictures of grandparents
Pictures on a family tree or pedigree chart if available)
3 Dolls (preferable 1 male and 2 female or use family members. You could dress them in wedding clothes.)

Review last week about the Jacob and Esau.

Isaac to Jacob to go to another land to find a wife just like he had. Jacob was thirsty from traveling. He stopped at a well to get a drink.  A beautiful girl, named Rachel, got some water from the well and gave it to Jacob.  (Fill a pitcher or very clean bucket with water and ladle the water into glasses.  Take a drink.)  Jacob fell in love with Rachel.  (Show a heart for love.) He went to Rachel's dad, Laban, to ask him if it is all right to marry Rachel.  (Show a picture of and discuss your own marriage if appropriate.) Laban said yes but only if Joseph worked for 7 years. (Pantomime working.  Count to seven, with objects.) Joseph said, "Okay."

Laban tricked Jacob at the wedding.  Instead of marrying Rachel, Laban had switched Rachel's sister, Leah. (Have a two children or dolls pretend to get married but switch a third person or doll for the one supposed to get married.) 

Jacob was not happy but he stayed married to Leah.  Joseph asked Laban again if he could marry Rachel.  A long time ago it was okay to have more than one wife.  Laban said yes if Joseph would work another 7 years.  (Count out 7 object, then count out another 7 objects.  Put them together and count out 14 objects.  Add the 14 to your child's age and tell them how old they would be after 14 years. You could use a calendar if your child understand them.  An easy way would be to print out seven year-long calendars.)

Joseph and his wives had 12 boys.  (Count again.)  The 12 boys had lots and lots of grandchildren.  (Show a pictures of several generations of grandparents.) The 12 boy's grandchildren became the nation of Israel and each boy's grandchildren were grouped into tribes so there are 12 tribes of Israel.

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