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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MRI Time

Daniel's MRI was last Friday. On Monday Daniel and I went to see Dr. Su, his oncologist. The tumor had doubled in size since his surgery 3 ½ years ago. Dr. Su said he talked to Dr. Whitehead, Daniel's neurosurgeon, and the Dr. Whitehead said that at some point it would need to be taken out. I’ve known that since January when we were first told the tumor was growing. Dr. Whitehead would prefer we wait until it causes symptoms, according to Dr. Su. Dr. Su said he wasn't sure it would ever cause symptoms. I figure that is because it is a flat shape kind of like a coin.  You can barely see it if you are not looking at the view going in through Daniel’s nose.  (Wow that sounds weird.)The brain fluid that is produced by the ventricles where the tumor is located can drain on either side of the tumor so it probably won't cause hydrocephalus. Is that good or bad? Does that mean we should just leave it in until it gets so big that there is no choice? I don't know. I won't know until we actually talk with Dr. Whitehead on August second.

Dr. Su was thinking it might be good to take it out in the summer so Daniel would have time to recover before school starts. The problem with that is I already scheduled Daniel to have tonsillectomy on August 7th so that would be two surgeries very close together. So, what do we do? Do we wait until next summer for one of the surgeries. If we do wait, which one do we postpone? Neither one is urgent. Do we do them at the same time so he is in pain for both, and on pain relievers for both, at the same time? We can’t actually do the surgeries on the same day because Daniel’s ENT doesn’t do surgeries at Texas Children’s and getting both of the staffs  to coordinate is really difficult according to Dr. Su.

Questions, questions, (sigh) that is all I will have until we actually see Dr. Whitehead . I did put in a call in to Dr. Wani, the ENT, to ask how long to wait after the tonsillectomy for the brain surgery since is unlikely we could schedule the brain surgery the same week as our visit with Dr. Whitehead. He hasn’t gotten back to me.  I think he is on vacation.    I am concerned the breathing tube for the brain surgery would cause problems with the tonsillectomy’s healing.  My stress level is going to be pretty high until the visit with Dr. Whitehead. Sometimes, I think, in a way, having all these questions is actually more stressful than actually doing the surgeries.

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