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Monday, July 1, 2013

Swimming Camp, Wicked People and Bullies

John and Daniel have been going to Camp Journey with Suzette for the last couple of weeks.  It is a swimming camp.  My kids don't know how to swim but both are very close to learning.  Daniel can float on his back and John did learn to be able to get to the side of the pool a couple of years ago. I am hoping a lot of time in the water will help them learn.  It is how I learned.

I asked Daniel if he could swim yet after about a week and a half.  He said, "I swim backstroke."  I don't know if he actually can, but he was really cute saying it.

I ask every now and then how they are doing at the pool.  I loved Suzette's answer.  She said, "Daniel is great, easy. But that one..." she pointed to John and grimaced.  John can be a stinker sometimes.  Both literally and figuratively. When John isn't in school he tends to poop his pants.  When will it ever end?  The annoying part is he know how!!! He just refuses.  If actually couldn't do it, it wouldn't be nearly so annoying.

Moving on...
We had a lesson on wicked people hurting Joseph Smith and throwing him in jail by lying.  John's answer to the problem, "if wicked people do that to me, I would tell them to please stop".  Please?

John, yesterday said his solution to bullies was to, "if you can't go to an adult or teacher, you can say, 'that doesn't make sense.  Come back when you can say something that makes sense."

I wish the world actually worked like that.  People would stop when you ask them.

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